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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Year 6

Could you make the Eiffel Tower out of scrap paper? and a study in foreground and layering in pastels and paint - we call it " Summer Meadow"!

Bikeability - all the seasons hit in one day but we pushed through!

Secret Student reward - a walk up to Peel Tower and a water fight to cool down afterwards!

We've been learning to play chess.

STEM week. Can you accurately predict the age of a shark from its length?

Forest School - Is your den waterproof? Can you build a clothesline to dry your wet clothes on?

Exploring the souk and bartering just like Ibn Battuta (well almost) and testing our mettle on the new climbing frame.

Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed a visit from RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute), they explored hazards and how to stay safe when around water

Sphero with Technola followed by a break from the routine in Forest School was a lot of fun.

A message to our fantastic Y6 class!

Our writing based on Camp Green Lake from Holes by Louis Sachar

Debt Aware - We had great fun and learned about different professions with Mr Souter in our session this week.

World Book Day 2022

We have been drawing pictures of different organisms for our next science enquiry. Here are our mammals.

Here is our "Hazimals" collection. Well done Y6! What a great book you've made.

February Open Classroom: Hazimals - Thanks for coming along and getting creative.

We've been constructing 3D shapes and investigating their properties. Ask us what congruent means!

We tested our balance and ability to spring in gymnastics

We enjoyed making posters about the workshops at Crucial Crew

Great diary writing as a child at the time when the Berlin Wall was erected

The Berlin Wall and our Open Classroom event . We are all unique - just like snow flakes

A lovely ending to Forest School: Albert lit the fire and we all enjoyed s'mores and campfire games. Thank you Mrs Neary!

We worked out methods to clean dirty water

Debt Aware with Mr Souter. We learned about different methods of payment.


Mr Crompton shared his Viking treasures with Y6 October 2021