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Growing Together

Year 5

Welcome to Summer 2- Week 6


Hello Year 5 and families 


I hope that you are still all keeping well.

Next week you will be back in school for our transition days, I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again, I am sure that you have all grown (I wouldn't be surprised if a number of you are taller than me now!) 


Just a reminder for transition week-

Drop off at 9am at the top yard gate, the children will be greeted by an adult on the playground, who will guide them to the classrooms.

Collection at 3:15pm on the top playground outside the Year 5 and Year 6 doors. 

Thank you for all of your continued hard work and support.


I will continue to add home learning to the website for those that will not be coming in for the transition week. If you would like a printed learning pack, please feel free to email me. 

Please remember that we will still be thinking about those who are not coming into school.

Below you will find a transition booklet for moving into Year 6, these will be completed in school on transition days, if your child will not be coming into school, please complete the booklet at home if possible. 


Book exchange is now available for Year 5 in school every Friday 10:45 - 11:30am at the PE store door. 


I will continue to add weekly activities onto the website. Simply click on the star that matches the dated week. 

I have really enjoyed seeing the activities that you are all completing, if there is anything you would like to share and celebrate, please email to me and I will put a selection on the website.


If I can help in any way, if you would just like to say hello or if anyone would like home learning packs to be printed then please email me:

I will aim to respond ASAP.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Shepherd :) x

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