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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Year 5

The children created Martians that could live on Mars for our STEM activity. They researched an explored characteristics the Martian would need to live. They then created the creature using clay and evaluated it

The children enjoyed their outdoor learning morning in the sun. They explored den building and fire lighting. They built their communication skills when working together in a group

Year 5 worked together to create a piece of Art related to our Jubilee celebrations. They all completed a piece of the art and we put them together to make one big picture

An exciting time in the circus workshop, we enjoyed a show and learnt some circus tricks including: tight rope walking, juggling, flower sticks, diablo and hula hooping

We had a very busy outdoor learning day, we participated in a variety of activities- some included our Year 5 Hazlehurst Offer. We made a fire and baked our own bread on the fire which was delicious, made a pin hole camera and pond dipped to see what wildlife we could find.

The children worked hard in their yoga session this week, they focused on developing balanced, this included attempting the crow pose

Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed a visit from RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute), they explored hazards and how to stay safe when around water

Well done Year 5! The children worked hard to learn their class assembly, they showed bravery and confidence when delivering the assembly to the school and parents. Thank you to all parents and family members who came to support us.

Year 5 enjoyed their table tennis session, they developed their serving technique

The children enjoyed measuring angles on the tables in groups

Year 5 have worked hard in Art and DT week. They have created beautiful Batik pieces in Art, tie dyed fabric in DT and sewed the two pieces of fabric together to create a bag. They also designed and created handles for the bags.

Year 5 won their class prize, the children decided to have a teddy bears picnic at the park. They enjoyed playing together and eating their picnic with their teddy bears. A lovely day out which the children really deserved.

In our Science enquiry we explored sexual reproduction by looking at the male and female parts of plants

Year 5 enjoyed developing their passing, defending and shooting skills in hockey. They also build teamwork and supported their team members.

Thank you to the parents for coming to join our outdoor learning session, they children enjoyed smores, den making, fire building and just having general fun with the adults who came. Thank you

The children enjoyed creating bar charts in groups outside to show the different lengths of gestation periods of animals as part of our Enquiry into animals including humans

Year 5 developed their passing, shooting and teamwork skills in PE this week. They showed sportsmanship skills and supported each other.

Everyone enjoyed outdoor learning this week, the children developed their fire lighting skills, made dens and went on a bug hunt

Year 5 enjoyed Christmas party. They played Christmas games including corners, musical chairs and musical bumps/statues. Have a lovely Christmas!

The children have all taken their time to paint a beautiful final piece- they worked hard. Well done!

The Reading Champions are enjoying their sessions with their Year 2 buddies. They are supporting each other to promote a love of reading.

We enjoyed a visit to Jamia Khizra Mosque and Islamic Centre in Bury to help us explore the Islamic faith, this supported our learning in RE lessons

We have explored the features of a balanced diet, including why a balanced diet is important in DT this week. We then enjoyed developing our chopping skills and used our skills to make a chilli. The children chose between chilli con carne, bean chilli or quorn chilli, they all looked very tasty

The children loved sharing their kindness when we walked into Ramsbottom centre, they enjoyed seeing how happy their act of kindness made others.

Year 5 enjoyed their gymnastics session, they explored bridge positions and how to safely cross the bridge using different movements

The week each child created a happy birthday card and a dove and put them in our handmade envelopes, these will be given to another child for our act of kindness. We then explored respect and how the differences in each other make us special. We interviewed each other to find out new facts about our friends.

The children had fun in their last PE session of the half term- they did Archery.

Open class event- The children made Harvest baskets with an adult who came in to enjoy the activity with them

Year 5 have been completing activities to help us to achieve the Platinum Woodland Trust Award

Year 5 enjoyed their outdoor learning afternoon. They had smores, made dens and weaved with willow.

Year 5 enjoyed their road safety session. They developed their skills of looking both ways and listening carefully before crossing a road.