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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Year 2

This week we have been tying up our inquiry into World War 2 and how life has changed since then. The children have really shown an interest in the lives of others, especially the evacuee children.

We had the pleasure of hearing all about Ben's Grandad, who was an evacuee himself during WW2! Ben shared some photographs of 'life on the farm' as an evacuee as well as showing each group the suitcase that Grandad Mic used. 

Toby also shared his Dad's fantastic range of medals with the class and was proud to wear his beret when talking about the heroic things his Dad has done. This opened up a great conversation about today's wars and why we refer to our particular topic as a 'World War'. 


Thank you to all who came to our Open Classroom event. We will be having another on the 10th March at 2.30pm and would love to see you there again! 

We've had a great week again in Year 2 with lots of kindness being spread! We've dived into a new text for Literacy called 'The Black Hat', bringing nature inside to support the exploration of our senses and continued working on inverse operations in math's, ending with a carousel of games and activities. The play-doh has been a big hit again in active spellings and we've even had a request for an 'active maths' which is great to hear! Lots of enthusiasm to learn - well done year 2, you make me so proud! 


Miss Ellis

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Year 2 at Hazlehurst. The nativity performance of The Bossy king was outstanding this year. There were beautiful singing angels, fantastic narrators and lots of shepherds and kings everywhere. The bossy King finally stopped being bossy by the end of the show. Well Done Year 2! 

It was Christmas jumper day and we all enjoyed a delicious christmas lunch together listening to songs and wearing our party hats. It all made us feel even more excited for the big day!

The Reading Champions are enjoying their sessions with their Year 5 buddies. They are supporting each other to promote a love of reading.

Year 2 have worked really hard this week in art and DT. In art they practiced printing skills and designed their own wallpaper using repeated patterns. They studied designs by the artist William Morris. In D and T they practiced joining materials using different methods-gluing,stapling,sewing and pinning. They designed and made a hand puppet of a penguin. Everyone had great fun and showed excellent creative skills throughout the week. Well done Year 2!

Art and DT week

In science this week year 2 carried out an investigation to test different materials. They made predictions to decide weather the materials would bend, squash, twist or stretch. They recorded their results after testing each material. Materials used were rubber, stone, plastic and a sponge. They the results interesting showing that some materials like stone don't do any of the above and some can do all of them.

Testing Materials in Science

It's world kindness day today and Year 2 have been out in Ramsbottom spreading kindness to shoppers. The children gave messages with a chocolate to people at the shops and some workers too. Everyone was totally surprised and it really brought a smile to many faces as they were out doing their shopping. It made us all feel good to know that we had made so many people smile with our kindness.

Spreading kindness in Ramsbottom

Outdoor Learning fun in Year 2 today.

Our outdoor learning day in school has been fantastic. The whole school took part in lots of differnt actvities. We were lucky with the weather, even though it was cold we managed to stay dry. The activities we did ranged from den building, making toast around the fire pit, trying to save water, making willow crowns and getting very very muddy in the mud kitchen. 

Look at all the fantatsic activites we did outside today!

Being calm and relaxed in our yoga lessons

This term we have really enjoyed our Yoga lessons. Each week we have been taken on a journey with a story and learned different poses. Year 2 have improved their focus and flexibility, as well as being very relaxed at the end of the lesson. 

Fun in Year 2 with our parents

Year 2 parents came to join us in class to celebrate harvest last week. We sang the 'Harvest Samba' song and made scarecrow puppets with them. It was very busy in our classroom and everyone had great fun during the morning.

Science-looking at micro-habitats

As part of our science topic,we have been outside looking at micro-habitats in our school grounds. We carefully looked under logs and found some really interesting mini beasts living in their micro-habitat. We mangaged to find a salamander, a shield beetle, spiders, worms, ants, woodlice and beetles. We made sure we returned them back to their natural habitats very carefully.