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Growing Together

Year 2

Good Morning Year 2

Well done on your first week of home learning.

I hope you are all keeping well and having fun at home.

I have updated the learning with a weekly set of activities for Maths and English.

I will try to update daily with any other fun activities I come across.

Please feel free to e mail if you have any questions

I would love to see some of your wonderful work you have been doing.

Some children have already received house points!!

Thank you for your support at this difficult time. 

Take Care and hopefully see you all soon. 

Mrs Kinsella




Watch ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ on youtube to understand this week’s text for the written work.  


Tuesday-Re visit The disgusting Sandwich-read the text to yourself (mute the sound)

Wednesday-Listen to The Sandwich Swap


Thursday-Read some books with instruction examples.

Friday-choose your own book to read-can you find a story that has a sandwich in it?

Don’t forget recommended reading websites:

Oxford Owl




1. Identify all the expanded noun phrases in The Disgusting Sandwich and make a list.

2. What is your favourite sandwich? If you were going on a picnic, what type of sandwich would you take? Write a description of your favourite sandwich, think about the type of bread, fillings and all your favourite things you could mix in together. Make your sandwich sound exciting. Remember to use expanded noun phrases.

3. Main writing Task for this week.

Write some instructions.

How to make a disgusting sandwich.

Remember to set out the instructions in sequence.


Ingredients-A list of descriptive yucky fillings

Method-How to make it.

Use imperative verbs (bossy words) and time adverbs (first, then, next)

Remember correct punctuation.

Draw and label a picture of the disgusting sandwich you have created.

Send me your work when you have finished.

Grammar and Spelling Practice

A fun way to learn imperative verbs. Use them in your instruction writing this week.



Practise this weeks spellings ready for a test on Friday. WEEK 5 Term 2b on spelling list please. Sound zh spelt s.


Wednesday-Continue with the spelling booklet

Thursday - Use words from the Year 2 spelling list to build into sentences.

Year 2 National Curriculum Spelling List

Friday- Give your parent a spelling test with this weeks spellings to learn. Can you beat their score?
Practise the year 2 spelling words using the active spelling challenges

Fractions practise. Try to complete one lesson a day.


Week 2-thirds

Real life maths

Fun Practical Maths Activities

Support for teaching maths in year 2. Use this to help teach the correct calculation methods.

History Topic-Robert Peel

Learning Challenge Questions:


What were the first police uniforms like?

What equipment did they use?

What do modern day police officers wear?

Make a list of the equipment they use when on duty.

What makes a good police officer?

Write some instructions how to be a good police officer.

Imagine you were a police officer for the day, write 'A day in the life of a Police Officer' 

Research information about Peel Tower.

Why was it built?

Find as many different facts as you can.

Create a poster to show all the information you have found.

Design or build a new monument. What could it commemorate?  

A variety of fun learning actvities to keep you busy during your home learning time.

Art skills practise