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Growing Together

Year 1

Welcome back!  I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend, even though it was a little chilly!  Here are todays' activities.  Don't forget, just do as much as you can.


Have a great week

Mrs P x


Alternative spelling for ‘n’


Please have a look at the poster below



How many words can you write in each column?  Ask a grown up to help you use a dictionary (or google) find some new words!





Nessy silent letters

A light hearted watch!




Write another sentence or 4 in your diary.  Don't forget your punctuation and finger spaces.  Have you got a question you would like to ask the reader?



Have a go at a SPaG mat.  The sheet with 1 star is the easiest up to 3 stars being the hardest.





Big Maths


Counting in multiples of 5










Maths challenge


Our next question in out topic 'Where will our feet take us' is:


How is Ramsbottom different from Manchester?


You can decide how you would like to record it!  On paper, with pictures, on a video...you decide!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Friday 27th March - Here are todays tasks!


Today's maths challenge!

Outdoor fun!

Create a sound map



Make a weather diary




Write another sentence or 3 in your diary.  Don't forget those capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!  Can you include a question for you reader?



Phase 5 Sentences and Pictures Matching Cards




Pick a challenge card form yesterday and have a go!


Big Maths

Have a look at the powerpoint below!  Continue to practise your money and weight!


Have a fabulous Friday and a superb weekend!

Mrs P x


Parents Consultation resources - Questions to ask during reading & Ascenders and descenders

Inference and comprehension questions


Thursday 26th March - Here are todays tasks

Join the Maths party!

Join the Maths party! 1

English reading

Please continue to read each day.  Why not read a book outside today!



If you have completed all fo the previous tasks, I would like you to start a diary.  Write down what you have been doing each day.  Remember to use the writing mats to help you with your punctuation & the phonics mats for spellings.




Pick a challenge card and have a go!




Daily Phonics

Continue to practise yourPhase 5 phonics, including the alternative spellings.  


Here is a phoneme spotter task for today & tomorrow.  'Her Majestys Marvellous Menu'





Today is the spelling test.  Grown up's please ask your children to write their spellings in the back of their books.  Then let them be the teacher and mark them in a coloured pen or pencil! Good luck!


Big Maths

Reading 3 digit numbers.  Look at the power point at the top and then have a go at reading 3 digit numbers.  I have included the guidance notes for teachers.  Hopefully this will help you understand the different steps.



Most importantly, get out in the sunshine!

Have a lovely day

Mrs P x




Big Maths CLICS & Learn its (CLIC 3 is is the screenshot document at the bottom. Sorry!)

Twinkl Link - Lots of parents have been asking about the link for Twinkl. Please use this code. There is a link on the 'online resources' section in home learning. Hope this helps.

Twinkl Link - Lots of parents have been asking about the link for Twinkl.  Please use this code.  There is a link on the 'online resources' section in home learning.  Hope this helps. 1

Wednesday 25th March

Morning!  Here are todays tasks!


English Reading

Please continue to read each day.  



Continue with the postcard from yesterday.  Once completed you could choose one of the writing prompts below and have a go at writing a story!






Please look at the grammar and punctuation powerpoint together





Daily Phonics

Continue to practise the Phase 5 phonics. (see the mat below)




Today's task is to complete the alternative spellings for 'oo'





Its your last chance to practise your spellings before your test tomorrow!



Please complete the CLIC and the Learn it's that your child is on.  I sent home last weeks so you should be able to see which one they need to do.  However, if you are unsure, please email me & I can let you know.  I am trying to work out how to get them on the website!  Please bear with me!


Have a lovely day & don't forget to get out in the sunshine for some fresh air!


Speak soon

Mrs P





Tuesday 24th March

Morning!  Here are todays tasks.  Some are to be completed today and some for the end of the week!


Daily Reading

Please read daily.  This can be any form of text e.g. reading books, library books, magazines, online texts etc.  Oxford Owls have some texts that are book banded like your home readers.  Please feel free to have a look at their free resources.  Their website is:





To continue our topic work, the next task is to write a postcard to a friend from Ramsbottom.  Think about the landmarks and tourist attractions e.g. East Lancashire Train and include these in your postcard.  Don't worry about it being on a postcard and, a piece of paper is absolutely fine!  Feel free to email me the postcards!  Think about capital letters and full stops!


There are writing mats that you can download to help with grammar etc




Please complete by Friday.



Please complete this grammar sheet today, if you have not already.  If you do not have the facility to print, ask your children to verbally correct it




Please complete today


Daily Phonics

Please complete a phonics activity every day.  There are lots of activities listed in the Year One home learning.  Phonics are REALLY important.  Please help your child by doing 10 minutes each day.  Make it fun, play games, have sounds as passwords on the doors etc.  Here is a game to get you started!





Continue to learn and practise your spelling daily.  This can be writing them in flour, using magnetic letters etc.  Grown ups, I will be asking you to test your children on Thursday, as normal!



Daily Big Maths

Please continue to practise your 'learn its' ready for the beat that test tomorrow!  

I will put the 'beat that' sheets on tomorrow 



Our maths this week was based on weight and ordering items by weight.  Please encourage your child to weigh things, sort them into order of weight and then explain why they are in that order.  This could be a baking activity!  The teaching notes for weight are on the website under maths.  These will give you ideas of questions to ask etc.  Again please feel free to email any videos etc of your child doing these activities!  This can be a simple 10 minute task daily.


Any questions, please just send me an email.


Stay safe, Mrs P 







Good Morning


I hope you are all well.  The links below are to give you ideas for activities you can do at home.  


I will be in touch daily.  Any problems please feel free to email me




I will answer emails as soon as possible.


Please get out in the sunshine and make it as fun as possible!


Mrs Prudham


Literacy Links

Twinkl  (Please use the free subscription details to download)




























Teach your monster to read













General home learning



Topic Work