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Monday 29th June 2020

18th June 2020

Year 4

Well done to all of those who took part yesterday and helped Year 4 secure a last-minute win. Year 3 will have a chance to take our title soon so keep practising.

Excellent work Year 4 yes


Remember to ask for help if you need it. You may find some tasks on the website difficult. If that is the case, don't be disheartened. Try your best, and remember everyone needs help from time to time. Mistakes show that you are trying


Please feel free to email me at jthew@hazlehurstschool.co.uk. 


Internet Safety 

Working from home using the internet can be really fun. It's important we can do safely though. To help keep us safe  working online there are some 15 minute challenges on the website below for you to do while sat with an adult.





See the Year 4 home learning page for a selection of reading comprehension tasks. 


Children should read a book of their choice each day.


Audible are offering free membership currently as well:


Additional Maths


Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July 2020

Work through the booklet below and complete the challenges set. Be sure to check the SPAG section this week's work as well.

Friday 26th June 2020

Wanderers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH3c1QZzRK4


Watch the video titled Wanderers narrated by Carl Sagan. All the locations shown in the video are real places in our solar system. Imagine you are the first human to land on an alien planet. Use similes, alliteration personification, adjectives and adverbs to help you in your writing. Have a look at the PowerPoint below if you need a reminder to help you with your writing.

  • What was it like landing on your planet?
  • What do you see, mountains, deserts, oceans?
  • What's the weather like on your planet?
  • How do you feel?
  • Are you alone?
  • How is your planet different from Earth? How does this make you feel?
    • Is there less gravity? 
    • Do strange creatures inhabit it?
    • Is it deserted?



Thursday 25th June 2020

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Today we will be looking at determiners and modifiers. Be sure to watch the video on the Powerpoint if you're unsure of what a modifier is.

Tuesday 22nd June 2020

Today we will be looking at determiners. Simply put, in English, a determiner is a word that introduces a noun. It always comes before a noun, not after, and it also comes before any other adjectives used to describe the noun.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below before starting today's task. 

Monday 22nd June 2020

This week, I would like you to write a letter to your new class teacher Miss Shepard. You may want to include:

  • How you feel about starting in Year 5
  • A little bit about yourself and your hobbies.
  • What are you looking forward to in Year 5?
  • What your favourite topic is.
  • Who your friends are.

Friday 19th June 2020

Apostrophes can be used for contractions, to show possession or to indicate when there is more than one of something. Complete the worksheets below and read each one carefully.

Thursday 18th June 2020

Today we will be looking at possessive apostrophes. I've attached some work below and a game to help test your knowledge. Make sure you read through the presentation or watch the video below.


Possessive Apostrophes




Wednesday 17th June 2020

Complete both pages of the document below. Convert the characters conversation into speech using the correct punctuation. You will need to include a reporting clause in your work, so the reader knows who is speaking. If you need to have another look at this week's spag powerpoint to refresh yourself on the rules regarding speech.

Tuesday 16th June 2020
Monday 15th June 2020
Friday 12th June 2020
Create a script based on the new version of Red Riding Hood we looked at yesterday. 

Thursday 11th June 2020

Read the story of Red Riding Hood attached below and use the sheets provided to write a new version of the story. If you don't have a printer use the sheet to help you write out your story on a lined piece of paper.

Friday 5th June 2020

Task:  Design A Machine


Are there any jobs that you don't like doing around the house?

Are there any tasks that other people in your family don't like doing?

Imagine that you could buy special machines to do the tasks that nobody likes doing. I want you to invent a machine to do one of those tasks.

Draw a picture of your machine and label your picture to show what parts do what. Write down why you've decided to invent the machine and tell me a little bit about how it works.

Additional work on speech:
The file below is full of mistakes. Add the correct punctuation and correct any other errors in the text below. Read through it carefully and be sure to take your time.


Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July 2020

This week in addition to Monday's SPAG challenge I've uploaded some additional work on conjunctions. Conjunctions are words that join together words, phrases, or parts of sentences.


Monday 22nd June 2020
Monday 15th June 2020

Monday 8th June 2020


Monday 1st June 2020
Monday 18th May 2020

Need some help with SPAG?


Monday 29th June - 3rd July 2020

This week we will be looking at time. Use the videos on the Bitesize website to help you if you're stuck. 


Friday 26th June 2020
Thursday 25th June 2020

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Use your knowledge of measurements to answer the following questions and convert measurements between metres and kilometres. 

Monday 22nd June 2020

Today you will be converting one measurement to another. To do this, you will need to watch the video below. Be sure to watch it carefully before attempting today's task.




Use the sheet help sheet to convert the measurements:



Practical Maths Task

If you're feeling confident converting measurements and have a tape measure, you could use it to measure the rooms of your house and turn the measurements into kilometres, metres, centimetres, and millimetres. If you have weighing scales, you could weigh different objects in your home and convert the measurements. I've created a table below to help you.



Object/Room/Wall Unit of measurement: Unit of measurement: Unit of measurement: Unit of measurement:


Friday 19th June 2020

Use your multiplication and division knowledge to help you find the clues and solve the mystery.

Thursday 18th June 2020


Some of you have struggled with missing number questions this week so I thought we would practice these while working on our multiplication tables. Can you identify the missing numbers in these multiplication sums?


Need some help?


Wednesday 17th June 2020

Solve these multiplication and division problems. You will need to work out what operations you need to perform and pay attention to how the questions are worded.  If you are still working on Mondays maths continue with that.



Tuesday 16th June 2020

Task: Continue with yesterday's home learning booklet or if you have completed it already. Try these multiplication and division challenges.

Monday 1st June 2020
Friday 12th June 2020

Thursday 11th June 2020

Wednesday 10th June 2020


Tuesday 9th June 2020
Monday 8th June 2020
Friday 5th June 2020

Thursday 4th June 2020



Joe Wicks at home workout.





Choose one of the projects and use items from around the house to create a piece of art.



Bury Music service are providing home learning packs. Click the link below for the first:



Living Things: Invertebrates

Living Things: Classifications


Look at the powerpoint attached explaining the different ways of classifying animals. Choose one of the worksheets provided focusing on a specific habitat.

Living things:


What lives in our local area? To find out print of the table provided and record what you find when your next out for a walk. Follow the instructions and see if you can identify the creatures you find.

Living Things: Life processes.


Create a poster to shower younger children what you have learned about life processes. Provide illustrations to help them understand. For example you could draw a set of lungs for respiration. Have a look at the table below:

Living Things: Which wild animals and plants thrive in Ramsbottom?

Our new topic is living things.  We will be examining our local area and the different plants, animals and habitats are in our local area.


If your able to why have a look at what lives in your garden and see what lives in our local area. Have a look at the surveys attached:



To start our topic we look at different classifications of plants and animals. Watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB-ESbTSzQI


Complete the tasks below.


Some Fantastic Work

It's fantastic to see all the work you are doing at home. Email your work into jthew@hazlehurstschool.co.uk and I will post it on the website. Keep up the good work Year 4!

Picture 1
Scarlett has made some fantastic artwork at home.
Picture 1
Elouise made a fantastic puppet at home. Fantastic work Elouise.
Ava has done fantastic writing at home. She's written a newspaper report, a story and a letter.
Emily has done some fantastic work at home and made her puppet based on her English work.
Ilithyia has been at home doing some delicious home baking as well as english, maths and some reading. It's good to see her keeping busy at home and working so hard.  

Emily B has been busy with her maths and English work. She's written a short story about two brothers, a robot and Donald Trump. It's really good to see her doing well at home. Well done Emily.

Charlie has been busy writing about the recent space X launch
Picture 1
Charlie has been busy with his home learning doing lots of reading and maths. Well done Charlie, it's good to see that you've been working hard at home.
Picture 1
Keira has been busy at home and gone above and beyond with her Romans project. She's made a full set of Roman armour. Well done Keira!

The Theme Park

Still image for this video
Scarlett and Daisy has made a wonderful trailer for a horror film using lego and her Ipad. If you're feeling brave I highly recommend watching it. Well done girls!

Isabella has been busy with her maths work this week. Keep it up Isabella.

Ilithyia has been busy at home. Her family has created a secret student tree and have been busy with maths. She’s also been busy with arts and crafts this week. She was set the challenge or making something that moves and used things she could find at home to make a car.

Emily has entered a sponsored spelling competition to help raise money for the NHS. She's been hard at work preparing for it as well as keeping up with the rest of her home learning. As a treat she's had some delicious ice cream as well.


I am very jealous.

Lucy has done some wonderful work. She has:

  • Made a fantastic sword
  • Done some wonderful writing and SPAG work
  • Been working hard with her maths

You should be proud of all this wonderful work Lucy, well done!

Oscar has done some fantastic writing. I'm really pleased to see that he has been working so hard at home and making such an effort. Oscar has also been working on his multiplication tables and is getting fantastic scores. Well done Oscar keep up the good work.

Isabella has been very busy. She's written a story called Dream Giver and it's six pages long! Well done Emily it's a fantastic story and she should be very proud.
Picture 1
Evan has written a poem about the boredom of lockdown. What a wonderful idea! Well done Evan.
Picture 1
Emily has done fantastic research on the Roman emperor Nero. Her presentation is wonderful and she's even included pictures of Romans. Excellent work Emily!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Jordan has been busy with his home learning and art. He's been working on a fantastic art project that looks brilliant in his garden. He even added holes to the bottom of it to allow for drainage! Well done Jordan.
Picture 1
Have a look at Amelia's topic work! She's taken a very creative approach to her topic work this week and filled it with fantastic facts! Keep up the good work Amelia.
Ilithyia has been very busy working at home. She's done some fantastic art, English and maths. It's fantastic to see that she's been working with her sisters as well. Well done Ilithyia and keep up the good work!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Evan has been busy with creating his graph and even did some art work! His VE day spitfire looks amazing. 
Evan has made a fantastic presentation about VE day. Good job Evan! 
Ellie has made a brochure about Ramsbottom featuring lots of interesting facts. Her brochure includes information about local events and even explains what the name Ramsbottom means. Well done Ellie, keep up the good work.
Lucy has been playing Karate Cats on the BBC website and done some brilliant English work.
Picture 1
Jude has been busy with his English work writing about Roald Dahl. Well done Jude.
Emily has been busy with all sorts of work recently. She has done some fantastic VE day work and some brilliant topic work. It's fantastic to see Emily and you should be proud of all this learning you are doing. Keep it up Emily!
Picture 1
Evan has done wonderful English work this week including this piece of writing focused on speech. It's fantastic to see that Evan is keeping busy and putting in the effort.
Evan has been busy creating his brochure.  Have a look at his fantastic work about our local area.
Picture 1
Kiera has done some fantastic art this week. These look fantastic Kiera, well done!
Grace has been busy with her English work this week. She's made a fantastic brochure using powerpoint. Well done Grace!

Jordan has produced a wonderful piece of writing and typed it up. It's fantastic to read and it's good to see Jordan practicing his word processing skills. I look forward to reading your next piece!


Jordan is also writing a book. He's made a fantastic start and hooked my attention. It's fantastic to see that he has set himself a task. Well done Jordan!

Laurie has made a powerpoint about the Romans using research and images from the internet. It's fantastic to see Laurie using different methods to present his work. Well done Laurie!
Picture 1
Evan has done some brilliant work on the Romans. His work is full of interesting facts and catches your eye with colourful presentation. This is good work Evan and I hope your proud of it. Well done.
Picture 1
I recently sent out some certificates to children who have been busy working away at home. If you've sent some work to me then there may be one the way to you! Kiera has been really busy completing her school work. Keep it up and well done!
Isabella is doing lots of work at home and has been working hard. It's great to see that she's doing all this amazing work at home.
Picture 1
Lucy has done fantastic art this week. She looks like she's had lots of fun making two trees using materials from around the house. Well done Lucy!

Ava's English Work

Still image for this video
Ava has gone above and beyond with her English work. Not only has she done some fantastic writing. She's then recorded herself reading her work and added to the video. This is fantastic Ava. Well done!
Ava has done some fantastic writing. Her introduction to deserted is fantastic. It hooks the reader's attention and sets the tone. Well done. As well as this Ava has been busy working on diary entries and has written a diary entry as Bilbo Baggins and another that features tiny dragons. Well done Ava. Keep up the good work!
It's fantastic to see Isabella is continuing to work hard. Well done! I can see you've been busy with your maths work as well. It's really good to see a detailed plan. Keep up the brilliant work!
Grace has been busy doing crosswords, Monster challenges and writing. She's done a fantastic drawing and bit of writing as well. This very good to see Grace! Well done and keep up the good work. 
Picture 1
Jude has been working so hard. So hard that he's now received a certificate for all his hard work. Well done Jude this is fantastic news.
Evan has been busy with his maths work. Well done Evan it looks like you've done lots of work. He's created a fantastic mythical creature with lots of colour as part of his English work as well. Well done Evan, it's great to see that your working so hard at home.
Keira has made a fantastic booklet on Italy. She's got some fantastic facts about Rome and its history. Excellent work Keira. Well done researching all this information.
Isabella has been working hard and has even made a poster! She's been working hard completing Monster Maths Challenges and the home learning tasks. She's even done English work about talking dragons! Well done Isabella. Keep up the good work.
Isabella also created a fantastic Roman fact file with lots of interesting information about Roman life. Even the gross parts. Excellent work!
Picture 1
Ellie will be prepared for when we get back to school. Well done Ellie! You should be really proud of all this work you're doing.
Lucy has been really busy and has done lots of work. Her little sister looks like she's interested in Lucy's work as well. She's putting a lot of effort in and should be really proud. It's fantastic to see that she's doing so well with her maths work. She's done some excellent English as well. Keep it up Lucy!
Emily has been busy with her topic work and it's fantastic to see. That book looks really interesting. She's made a hog house and she's done some English as well. Well done Emily! Keep it up and be sure to let us know if you have any prickly visitors staying in the hog house.
Picture 1

I really enjoyed reading Ellie's diary entry. Keep up the good work!

Jude has been busy doing some fantastic work.

Picture 1 Jordan wrote a fantastic advertisement.
Picture 1
Ellie drew and a wonderful drawing of her creature Bethany and then did some writing as well. Well done Ellie! Keep up the good work.