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Growing Together

Week Beginning 29th June

Home Learning


Here is work which should now last to the end of the school academic year.


The maths transition work has been adapted from a booklet produced by Barnsley Academy and will give children a flavour of high school maths as well as revision of key skills from primary maths.

The "Vidamins" link will allow children to access revision videos to keep their skills fresh. 

BBC Bitesize lesson will also provide a good interactive style lesson for the children. Please encourage them to keep skilled up with their times tables.

The link below will allow you to access combined weekly maths and English learning packs, if this is the preferred method for you.





The unit which has been added is sufficient to last until the end of term and is pitched slightly higher as a "Transition to High School" unit.

The Maths and English booklet accessible under the "Maths" heading can be used to support English home learning.


If you would like any support or advice please email me at : nlawton@hazlehurstschool.co.uk.




Please use the BBC Bitesize resource to revise all of the topics we have covered this year so that you are fresh and up to date for your high school.



This year we have covered:

  • Electricity
  • Light
  • The circulatory system
  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Classification of living organisms