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Growing Together

Week Beginning 27th April

Week Beginning 27th April:



  •  I'd like you to follow the unit of work on AREA AND VOLUME- You will find this at the top of the maths content in the work collection. This is from White Rose maths. Some of it is revision and the later pages are new. If you spend 30 mins per day this should take the week. Answers are at the back of the presentation.
  • The maths puzzles are still available https://www.egfl.org.uk/sites/default/files/maths%20puzzles%20all.pdf Year 5 and 6 problems begin on page 69.
  • 3 extra "whodunnits" have been added. Can you solve another one this week?


  •  A new Geography topic begins this week. Look in the work section of the Y6 home learning for GEOGRAPHY I'M A YEAR 6 GET ME OUT OF HERE. Make sure to check out the knowledge mat.


  • Complete the unit to design and build a chair.
  • If you managed this before Easter then have a go at the mobile phone holder project.