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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Week beg 8th June

Ethan has researched some super facts about toucans. Look at his fabulous picture too! Well done Ethan-I'm really impressed with your work!

Charlotte has been busy this week with her spellings and maths. She has also been making some slime. I'm impressed Charlotte-Well done!

Claire has researched some facts about a toucan and drawn a very colourful picture. She has also been making the tea with her sister. Well done Claire, your pasta looks delicious!

Oscar's English work from the story of Grandad's Island. Well done Oscar!

Iris has been busy making the tea this week-Look at her scrumptious meatballs! Look at her super picture of a toucan. She has been keeping up with her Big Maths,writing a letter and learning about exercises in topic-Well done Iris for a wonderful week's work!

Olivia C has loved the story of Grandad's Island. Look at the toucan facts and her wonderful picture. She has also enjoyed her Oak academy maths lessons. well done Olivia-Super work!

More super work from Noah. He is showing great improvements with his comprehension and still enjoying his maths. Well done Noah!

Lincoln has been working really hard with all his maths work and written a fantastic story. Well done Lincoln-Keep up the great work!

It's all about food this week for Ethan, he's been baking-look at that delicious cookie! A fantastic food pyramid and very healthy menu for his topic work too. Well done Ethan!

WOW! WOW! WOW! Look at Conny's fabulous food pyramid he has created out of play dough, what a fantastic idea! I love his favourite meal too. Well done Conny, lots of hard work going on in your house I can see.

WOW! Noah has been completing lots of his home learning from these super books. You have worked really hard Noah-Well done!

Olivia C has done some beautiful work. She has really enjoyed the story of Grandad's Island and put a lot of thought into her writing. I love the island she has created. Her Big Maths work is showing great progress too. well done Olivia!

James has worked particularly hard with his History topic work. I'm so impressed with all the fantastic information he has found out about Robert Peel. Well done James-keep up the excellent work!