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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Week beg 4th May

Wow! Jessie has worked incredibly hard with her writing this week.She has written a fantastic story with a lovely new ending for the video Baboon on the Moon. Well done Jessie, I'm so impressed!

As well as celebrating VE day, Olivia C has impressed me with her maths work this week, trying challenges and puzzles. Well done Olivia you are amazing! Keep up the great work!

Ethan has been working hard with a maths challenge this week. He has been finding lots of different ways to make £1. I think he is still working on it! Well done Ethan for your resilience with this work. I love all his super expanded noun phrases in his story too. Great work!

Claire has created a fantastic human time line for topic work and is keeping up with her maths. As well as all the impressive work she has been learning to play the guitar and do some yoga. Well done for keeping yourself busy, you are amazing!

Charlotte has made a sundial this week. I love her postcard from the baboon, super handwriting and spelling. Well done Charlotte, very impressive!

Thank you Iris for your wonderful work. Have a read of her postcard from the baboon on the moon-the address is very imaginative-Well done Iris Fantastic work!