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Growing Together

Week beg 15th June

Claire has been busy and enjoying the work on Caterpillar Shoes. She's been exercising loads, keeping herself healthy and working hard with her Big Maths and Spag work. Excellent work Claire!

Ethan's work from this week. A great story about Mr Grumpy and he's hit the Ultimate challenge in his Learn it's. Well done Ethan!

Olivia C has worked so hard this week. She has written a beautiful story about a snail and a caterpillar with lots of expanded noun phrases. Her topic work-how to keep clean and healthy is excellent. I'm so impressed with all the maths, English and grammar work she is doing. You are a super star Olivia! Well done!

Iris has been doing a science experiment to make poo!! It's fantastic and she's had loads of fun doing it. I love her story and all the wonderful expanded noun phrases she has used. You are amazing Iris!

How exciting for Charlotte! She has got some real life caterpillars to go with the story this week. We'll have to see how they progress in the next few weeks. Look at her fantastic art work too! Super work Charlotte!

Lincoln has enjoyed working on lots of the fun learning activities this week. Look at all the great maths work he has done as well as some writing and grammar work. Excellent work Lincoln!

Some wonderful colouring and science work from Aiza this week.

Iris has worked through some topic work looking at keeping clean and thinking about exercising. She has also been working hard with her Big Maths, English and Grammar. Super work Iris!

Noah has been learning about different countries in the world by competing a jigsaw. He has also been busy making a delicious looking cheese pie. Well done Noah-I hope it tasted as good as it looks.