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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Week beg 11th May

WOW! Olivia C has been very busy this week. Look at all her wonderful work. She has also been learning about The Great Fire of London and volcanoes as well as keeping up with her maths and grammar work. Fantastic work Olivia-Well done!

Charlotte has been extremely busy, working hard with her maths and writing. I love the sea creature and her creative writing. Well done Charlotte!

Claire has tried a science experiment this week and been working on her food journal. She is still keeping up with her yoga, so must be very flexible by now! Excellent work Claire!

More wonderful letters-thank you Charlotte and Olivia C

Thank you for all the wonderful letters. Have a read to see what your friends have been doing during lock down. Just click on the images for a better view. Thank you Eva, Ethan, Conny, Iris, Oscar and Noah. Keep them coming!

Take a look at Iris's fantastic work. She has been baking pizzas, doing science experiments, written a story and lots more-Super work Iris!

Oscar has worked hard with his grammar learning about compound words-he's found so many! He has also had fun with addition and subtraction practise. Fantastic work Oscar-well done!

WOW! Conny has written a fantastic story about time travellers. He has written the life cycle of a human on the computer all by himself-fantastic keyboard skills Conny! Great work-keep it up!

Elliott has been busy baking whoopie pies and building bridges with Lego! I,m impressed with his handwriting too-Well done Elliott!

Noah has been busy this week. Click onto the image and read his letter to me to find out what he has been up to. He has continued to challenge himself in maths and completing his grammar work. Well done Noah-fantastic work!

Lincoln has been very busy at home. He has been doing all sorts of different activities such as baking, crafting and even building. He has labelled all the parts of the human body with his family. Well done Lincoln-Keep up the great work!

Ayesha has been working on her art skills. Look at her her wonderful work. Well done Ayesha!