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Growing Together


Our new Science topic for this term is Animals including Humans.

Our main key learning question is: How will 5 a day help me to be healthy?


Each lesson will begin with a learning question. I will include resources and an activity for each question.

Children should familiarise themselves with the knowledge mat regularly to learn the topic vocabulary.

It would be lovely to keep all the topic work in one folder or book so they can share with their friends when we return to school. Feel free to use other resources or research you may may find useful,also taking photographs is a great way to record learning. I hope you enjoy this exciting new topic and I will be updating it regularly.   

A short Introduction video 


Lesson 5 - Why is it important to eat a balanced diet? How can you eat healthily?

Main activity

This lesson will be looking at the food pyramid and how healthy our diet is.

The key vocabulary for the lesson should be referred to from the knowledge mat. This vocabulary is important for understanding about healthy foods.

  • Vocab- dairy, carbohydrates, protein, sweets & oils, fruits & vegetables, balanced portions  

  • Read through the slides and think about what you have been eating on your food journal.

  • Complete the journal evaluation sheet.

  • Look at your food journal-decide if you eat healthily. Is it balanced?

  • Draw and label your foods onto a food pyramid. What changes can you make to be more healthy?

  • Label the food pyramid-add more foods to fill the pyramid.

  • Which foods should we eat most and least of?

Lesson 4-Why would it not be sensible for you to only eat sweets every day? This question may cover more than 1 lesson.

Main Activity

We will be looking at healthy eating and different types of foods over the next couple of lessons. Complete the activities this week to lead into the next part of the topic. Use the templates above.

  •  Keep a food diary. Use the template above and record everything you eat and drink during the day, every day.
  •  What is your favourite meal? Draw and label your favourite meal and dessert or foods. Why are they your favourite?

Lesson 3 - What are the basic needs for animals and humans to stay alive?

Main activity

I would like you to research the information and answer the question.

Create 2 different posters one for human needs and one for animal needs.

Make them colourful and full of detail to show your learning. 

Complete the worksheet -explore animal and human needs. 

Questions for discusion:

What makes you happy/what do you need?

What would you need to survive if you were alone on a desert island for a month?

Animal Welfare Act | rspca.org.uk Use this website to find out more information.


To extend your understanding write a paragraph to answer the following question.

What would happen if basic animal needs were not met?


Main activity

Refer back to the knowledge mat, can you include any of the vocabulary in your work today? 

Questions for discussion:

  • What is the difference between a toddler and a baby? 
  • How are you different from a toddler?
  • How are you different to your family? (brother,sister,parents, grand parents)

Work through the information power point.

Make a human growth timeline. Draw each stage of human growth and describe the changes. Think about what a human is able to do at each stage.

Use the matching cards if you need help. 

We will try some of the activity tests when we get back to school.

Main activity

Match the animals to their offspring.

Choose 3 of the animals from the matching activity sheet.

Draw the animal and show the life cycle from egg, to offspring to adult.

Write an explanation to describe how the animal has changed from baby to adult.

How has it changed as it has grown? What can it do once it has grown?