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Growing Together

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Growing Together


This week Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme is Kindness.

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What is Kindness?


Kindness is doing something towards yourself and others, wanting to make a positive difference. 

Kindness has been found to reduce stress, deepen friendships, boost self-esteem, improve confidence and make people happier. 


Can you think how you could show kindness to others this week?

This could include helping family with cooking tea or giving someone a compliment, remember that being kind makes you and others feel better. 





Money Matters

This term Year 5 should be continuing their Money Matters activities with Mr Souter. As these sessions can not go ahead, I have added some resources to allow the children to continue their learning about the importance of money for the future. 


Can you remember the importance of:


  • Deficit
  • Balanced 
  • Surplus


What do these words mean when it comes to money? Can you explain this with examples.