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Year 1 STEM Week

Year 1 have been looking at 'Journeys Through Space' as part of STEM week. 

We looked at the journey astronaut Tim Peake took to get to the International Space Station.

We experimented to find out if dropping meteorites from different heights would create bigger craters on our own class moon surface. 

We engineered different LEGO models that would get us to the moon. Finally we had a challenge to create a moon buggy that would keep an astronaut safe inside when dropped from a certain height!

We had lots of great scientific language 

"Mine has two golden batteries to help it fly faster"

"I've made mine aerodynamic so it doesn't slow down"

"I've put fire on it this way so that it can fly going up"

"I've made a door so the astronauts can go on space walks"


Wonderful Scientific work, well done year 1!