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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Year 1 are superstars!

Year 1 have been working really hard to use their cool time effectively (this stands for choose our own learning). They have been developing their learning powers to enable them to achieve during provision time. Ask your child about their little person they use to access the provision and complete their challenges.


This week is assessment week, Year 1 have worked so hard. In English, Naughty bus has been doing very naughty things. Mrs Little delivered a letter to us yesterday, this was from NAUGHTY BUS! This week, the children will be writing back to naughty bus to explain how to follow the class rules :)


In maths, we are working on addition and how to make addition calculations by using a part whole model.


Year 1 enjoyed their first Microsoft meeting for our 'Good Work Assembly' last week. The class were very happy to see other year groups, we clapped and "whooped" for everybody as they received their awards.