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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Welcome Back to our new Year 6!

What a great start to our new school year!

I'm delighted with the way that the children have adapted to the new routines and supported each other throughout our first week. The sound of laughter in our classroom is just lovely!

We have considered our own strengths and created a giant paper chain in the classroom. We've played a crazy game of Chinese Whispers to help us understand about how tales can become changed and embellished with retelling and how we should think before we speak.

Legs may be a little stiff with our efforts on the "Daily Mile" but the children have been resilient and showed determination. We've visited the Hazlehurst Hideaway for our Circle Time and begun a lovely shared novel called Cogheart. 

Not bad for a few short days!

Here's to more sunshine and a great time next week.

Mrs. Lawton