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Growing Together

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Growing Together


Reception have had such a busy week. We have started our new topic - Who can we ask for help?

We have found out about

Lolly pop people - we learnt all about road safety and made our own stop signs

Postal Officers - We wrote letters which we are going to take to the post box and post

Rubbish Collectors - We read a story called 'The Messy Magpie', learned why recycling is important and tried to clean our 'polluted ocean' in the water tray

and shop keepers - we role played in our pretend shop, using money and making lists


As well as this, we have been exploring our water tubes. We made a very complex water system which took lots of critical thinking.

We painted on clingfilm in our outdoor area

We made clothes for dolls


Engineers, artists and fashion designers - all in one week.

And ofcourse... World book day!! Check out Tapestry for our group photo.


We also had a visit from some fairies in the fairy garden! 

Phew, we definitely need a restful weekend!!