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Growing Together

A musical week in year 4!

Year 4 have had a very musical week! Along with year 3, we have made a start on our show – The Bee Musical. We have learned all the songs , been allocated our words and have started to act out the story.

We have also continued to work on our Create and sing Carmen. We are working on parts of the opera, Carmen by Bizet – this week, we have learned the song, `Toreador` with its actions, and learned the story of the opera by acting out scenes from it. We are all enjoying this work very much.

Amongst all this music, we have continued to read The Iron man by Ted Hughes and have started to design a menu that the Iron Man would like to choose from. This includes titanium soup with tin foil toast covered with iron butter – sounds yummy! (if you`re a man made from iron, that is!)

We have looked at the translation of shapes in maths and what makes a solid, liquid and gas in Science.