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Growing Together

May Half Term Ideas

Dear parent,


The half term week is upon us starting with another bank holiday Monday which feels no different to any other day! Many of you are probably feeling saddened by the fact that holiday plans have had to be cancelled or trips to see friends/relatives postponed. Whilst others of you just cannot face the prospect of more days at home to entertain the children. Please feel reassured that we have all been there at some point since lock down began.

Even though exercise and travel restrictions have been lifted since the last 'holiday', we do hope that you continue to keep safe during this period, making sensible choices about going anywhere which of course will mean more time spent at home.

As teachers take a break from providing home learning suggestions in order to write reports and keep school open for key workers, here are a few ideas in case you are struggling with what else to possibly do whilst stuck in over the half term break.

Remember that resorting to TV some of the time is absolutely the right thing to do to save your sanity and  restore calm to your household. Research suggests that if you can aim to be that 'perfect parent' 30% of the time then you are doing a good enough job.  Let's all strive for that 30% and be more than satisfied if we achieve it. Nobody is perfect so let's not beat ourselves up if we're not always getting it right. I know that I'm certainly not.

Hang on in there everyone! It may not feel like it this minute but this will all soon be over and we can have our fairy tale ending with our school family having made it through this safely.

Finally, we are here for you. If you need any support or a chance to talk to someone then please feel free to get in contact either with the school email or my own aknowles@hazlehurstschool.co.uk (although I can't answer when we will be back in school as we know as little as you do!).


Sending you all my love and please pass on a hug to your children. Missing them dearly.


Continue to take care, Mrs Knowles