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Growing Together

Home Learning

As the school as had to close its doors to most children, remote learning conditions will apply.  Pupils of parents who are key workers will carry out these tasks in school each day also.

  • Each class teacher will post a suggested list of activities for their children daily by 9.30am which will guide parents in how to support their children not to suffer from a learning loss during the closure.

Each day it will include:


  • Children engaging in 10 minutes of reading (plus their age) each day. This reading could be any material appropriate to their age, in books or online. 
  • Reading Oxford Owl texts


  • Writing activities set by the class teachers linked to online texts/film clips. These may be weekly tasks only.
  • Grammar activities linked to the writing tasks each week will be signposted during the week.
  • Spelling lists are accessible via class pages to continue practising them daily


  • Children in Key Stage Two should take part in at least 15 minutes of TT Rockstars each day. 
  • Class teachers will set daily activities linked to current topics that should be being covered if in school.
  • Ideas for parents within the home could be to look in more details at measures including: money, weight, capacity & time to complement work set.

Science, History or Geography topics

  • The topic's knowledge mat for each class is shared and suggested activities listed to work on at home.
  • The topic's key questions will be shared as well as any links to online learning that can be signposted in order to teach the key questions
  • Key vocabulary is available on the knowledge mats so that children learn what the vocabulary means and can use it to answer key questions.
  • The curriculum coverage for each term is shared at the beginning of new term to give ideas for activities to plan for.

Other subjects including PE

  • Links to websites, web content, video resources will be added online learning resources page. These will be general tips and ideas so that families can utilise as much as is needed for them. Teaches may also sign post these as daily activities too.

While we appreciate that parents are not teachers, the support of the whole school community will ensure that children can continue to sustain their learning at home with the activities we provide. Teachers will be available to answer any questions at the beginning of each school day by 9.30am and at the end of the day between 3 & 4pm if not teaching in school.