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Growing Together

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Growing Together

Here's what's been happening in Year 2

We tested different materials and then made our kites. We had lots of fun flying the kites with our parents/carers on the field!

We created beautiful Art work based on our Geography topic, At the Safari

We had special visitors, this included a talk about how to care for Giant African Land snails and Tortoises. The children learnt lots of new facts.

Spring 1
We had brilliant experiences including: 

- George (who taught us all about Apostrophes for contraction and possession)

- Paul (who helped us to create a section of a poem) 

 - Life Caravan (where we learnt  all about feelings and how to act in different situations). 

We have been working on solving multiplication and division problems.

We have been improving our skills using the laptops. We can now make addition squares.

We have been learning to tell the time

Autumn 2

We improved our skills and learnt new techniques in PE

We used practical equipment to work out subtractions

Year 2 enjoyed making Christmas Crafts with parents and carers. They made a selection of beautiful crafts.

Autumn 1

Here is some of the work we have covered this half term in Year 2

Music Lessons with Mr Power


Year 2 have enjoyed Music lessons each week with Mr Power. They have gained a variety of new skills.

Remembrance Day Talk


Year 2 enjoyed a talk from the Butterworth family. They taught the children about Remembrance Day by sharing their experiences and memories. They showed and explained the meaning of pictures and medals that they had.

Thank you very much, we have learnt a lot.