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Wellbeing at Hazlehurst

Hello everyone, I am Kath, a past/present parent and an experienced Health and Wellbeing Coach with the NHS and partner agencies.


We have all had a very testing year – myself included - and following this I have had a vision to use my skills, experience and knowledge on a voluntary basis at Hazlehurst.  My aim is to help improve the Health/Wellbeing of the pupils... our next generation.  

I also believe that this will have a ripple effect on us, as parents, families and the wider community.


Activities will include:

  • Abdominal Breathing (Belly Breathing) - Benefits – *Assists digestion *Increases focus *Encourages calmness *Gives the children stress management strategies for their futures.


  • Dance Therapy (currently being done on Monday lunchtimes with each year bubble) – Benefits - * Heart health *Co-ordination and expression *Endorphins released *Accelerated learning.


  • Life Skills - Learning the importance of Self-care, Positive self-talk, and Caring for ourselves, others and our environment.


  • Dream BIG – Building ideas of hopes and wishes and learning to develop these.


All activities are voluntary and are currently in development stages. The children that take part are expected to follow the Hazlehurst care code.  


It is my hope that I can reach my goal of bringing these fundamental skills (which are shown to be vastly lacking in many adults I have worked with) into the curriculum. This in turn will help bring the focus of children’s mental health and wellbeing into schools and help take some of the burden away from the National Health Service.


I would be really grateful if you could spend 2 minutes right now to complete this very short survey monkey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8HRHFV5
This is just to gauge where we are at this starting point.  I would like to demonstrate progression within the school over the next few months to prove its worth to people who can assist change.  Your feedback is INVALUABLE and I thank you in advance for giving your input.



I am currently part of the schools MHA focus group.  We are working towards achieving the Mental Health Award for Hazlehurst.  Through this we aim to help the transparency of the wellbeing of your child while at school.  We will be adding a Wellbeing section to the school website.  This is so information will be available on what we are doing at school. Included also will be all the relevant policies, as well as links to local and national support services that can help all of us in a time of need.  I look forward to hearing from you and am excited to see and be part of the positive impact this can have with the pupils.


Yours sincerely                                            

Kath Light Fillery

Dancing Therapy

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