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Growing Together


Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me



Revisit relative clauses.

What is a relative clause?

Where they can be used?

Why would you use one in a sentence?

Complete the activities below:


Watch the first 18 seconds

How is the girl feeling?

Why could she be feeling like this?


Continue watching to 30 seconds- how do her feelings/emotions change?

Write a prediction to show what you think will happen next, aim to include why/how the girls emotions and feelings might also change and why. 

Challenge- Include relative clauses in your prediction. 





Watch the video up to 1 minute 44 seconds. 

What has the girl lost? 

What clues can you use to infer what may have been lost?


Watch until the end of the video

Did you guess what was lost!?


Pause on an image of the video- write a description of the giraffe.

Aim to show, not tell. Describe in as much detail as possible.

Can you include expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and parenthesis?




Research giraffes using https://www.dkfindout.com/uk/

Gather as many facts as you can to create a plan for a non-chronological report

This includes what they eat, where they live, their appearance...

Organise your information under subheadings



Using the research from yesterday, can you organise your information into a non-chronological report.

Success criteria: 


Relative clause



Formal tone

Clear introduction

Brief summary/ending


Once finished, with a different coloured pen/pencil edit to improve and produce a final finished non-chronological report. 


I would love to see the build up and your final pieces of writing, I am sure they will be amazing!



Daily Reading
Please aim to read for at least 20 minutes per day.
Monday: Choose any book off the shelf to enjoy reading
Tuesday: Why not find a non-fiction book today

Wednesday: See if you can find a fiction text 

Thursday: Choose your favourite book to read with a member of your family, maybe read a page each. 
Friday: Choose any book off the shelf and enjoy together


The options above are all available as audiobooks on either https://stories.audible.com/start-listen\ or Oxford Owl. 

Kindle also has a lot of free books for children.

You also have the option of listening to David Walliams read one of his books, at 11am each day


Also, here is another reading resource if you are running out of books to read! An adult will need to sign up, but then there are 30 free days of reading https://www.getepic.com
Have a look and hopefully you find something that you like the look of!



10 Minute workout booklet- Please remember to complete one workout each week and mark together.