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Growing Together


Golden Book Winners


15 October 2021 - This week is R in our CARE code: Respect


Rec - Millie - is always polite and respectful to her teachers and her friends


Y1 - Grace - Always respectful, always polite, always kind


Y2 - Minnie - Always shows respect and consideration to herself and everyone in school - thank you


Y3 - Emma Br - has had an excellent week where she has been respectful, listening, helping people on her table. Thank you for an all round great week.


Y4 - Will B - Always respects everyone in school


Y5 - Felicity - a respectful, caring and thoughtful member of the class - thank you.


Y6 - Lily - Always thoughtful of others and her school


Head teacher - Harry A Y5 - for holding the door for me, always having a greeting for me and great manners






The winning house team this week is: Willow

Each week we draw out a number of CARE cards that have been collected in a jar. Children can earn these for being spotted following our CARE code. The winners can choose a prize out of the prize box in Mrs Knowles' office.


CARE card winners this week were:

Ged Y2  - been polite

Dylan Y1 - helping others




Bronze, Silver and Gold Star Awards for consistent effort and high standards.


4 commendations in school assembly to achieve an award. This could be a certificate, showing some work, gaining a Golden Token or appearing in the Golden book.




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