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Growing Together

Art Competition

Hazlehurst’s Art Competition

During the next few weeks, we are in inviting you to join our Art competition throughout school. We will have winners for each year group and overall to celebrate what great work you have done during lockdown or are about to do.

For inspiration you may want to use the website links to give you some ideas.

We want you to keep hold of your picture and when you return for transition these will be displayed around school to celebrate what talented artists we have in school. If you would like to then send photos of your artwork we will include these in the competition.


It does not matter what the artwork is or whether you completed it during lockdown. It could be a drawing, model or a painted rock. We want to see your efforts.

You can send photos to the school office via email marked ‘art comp’, drop your original work at the office or bring it with you to school before 13 July to be judged for the competition.


Good luck and get creative,


Mrs Knowles x

Competition Entries


By Safir in Year 3

Rainbow footprints made by potato stamp


Winnie the Pooh by Henry Rec



Tinkerbelle the fairy

by Holly in Reception