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Growing Together

8th-12th June


We are going to continue using the White Rose Maths schemes of work, with this weeks book being 'The Princess and the Wizard'. 

You can listen to the story here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=babXCIRMjQM

I recommend having a look through the slides before each maths activity, as some need household resources!




This half term is all about revisiting all of receptions previous phonics learning, as we have covered all the sounds and blending skills needed to be ready for year 1. Revisit all of the phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words and focus on any that you still don't know. Make these a daily focus until you become confident with them. 


Letters and sounds have a youtube channel which takes you through the phase 2 and 3 sounds, blending words and year 1 sounds. 


If you are still working on phase 3 sounds use the 'Reception Lessons' playlist and play one video per day (you could find the videos that relate to the sounds you still need to work on if you like, or work through them all in order)


If you are pretty confident with your phase 3 sounds and are beginning to blend words together, use the 'Learning to Blend Lessons' playlist, and work through these. 


If you want a challenge, you could try the 'Year 1 Lessons' playlist, and begin to learn some year 1 sounds. 




Continue 'Mouse's Adventure' this week please! 


Please work through pages 12-21 of the booklet this week. Remember to send me your work on Tapestry! 



We are continuing to explore the question 'Is Every Country in the World the Same?' with Buddy Bee! 



Today we are visiting USA in North America. This is what the American flag looks like: 


Follow Buddy Bee around America on the slides:

Can you draw pictures of different places in America and make a 4th July pinwheel? 



Today we are visiting Brazil in South America. This is what the flag of Brazil looks like:


Explore Brazil and Rio de Janeiro with the video and slides below:


Can you make a mask and rain stick to celebrate the Rio carnival? 


Have a go at this jungle animals quiz!




Today we are visiting Antarctica . There is no flag for Antartica, so here is a picture instead:


Follow Uncle Bob and Buddy Bee to find out more about Antartica. 


Around the World - Antarctica 

Have a go at some of these Antartica activities. 

Antartica Activities .docx

Why don't you try this science experiment and find out how penguins stay dry? 





You have traveled all around the world with Buddy Bee and Uncle Bob, and now it is time to head back home! This is the England flag:


Have a go at completing this booklet, all about where you live. You may need a grown up to help you with this, use it as talk time to begin to understand different names for areas in which we live. 



Today Bubby Bee is feeling like he wants to go on another visit to a different place, but he is unsure of where to go! Can you think of somewhere Bubby Bee can go? Maybe it is somewhere you have visited before and really enjoyed, or somewhere you would like to visit yourself one day. Maybe it where you favourite animal or a family member lives. It doesn't have to be abroad! 

Can you make a fact file of your chosen place to help persuade Bubby Bee to want to visit?