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Growing Together

4th May- 8th May 2020

Summer Term: Week 3

Wow! I've got to say, I was completely blown away by all your work efforts last week- I received some amazing work and can see that you're all trying so hard! A BIG well done from me! Remember, to just try your hardest and do what you can with the learning activities. We need to get this weeks gallery full of work to celebrate, so please do email me your work to jstone@hazlehurst.co.uk 

If you still need your Big Maths Log on, please do not hesitate to email me and I can get this to you. I would like this to be done each week if possible. 

With regards to the Sedgley Park and Hazlehurst poem submissions, if you are thinking of doing and illustration, could you please email me with the line you are thinking of doing so we have no overlaps. :) I will keep updating the submissions to the home page, so everybody can see how far we have got with it! 

I really do enjoy hearing from you all, so even if you want to email and just say hello, that is fine :) 

Take care and hopefully see you all soon!

 Miss Stone



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Task: Please practice your weekly spellings. I have included a powerpoint and I would really like to hear how you get on with these. This weeks spelling pattern is: Words with a short /u/ sound spelt with 'ou'. An example of this would be country or courage.


Monday: Pronouns

Tuesday: Identifying pronouns to show possession

Wednesday: Apostrophes for plural possession

Thursday: Using coordinating conjunctions

Friday: Similes and Metaphors







Task: Please complete instructional writing task. Complete one of your choice- you may even choose to write about something you have baked for example. E.G. Lydia you may want to write instructions for how you baked your waffles :)

This week we will be writing a set of instructions for a topic of your choice. This task focuses on spotting the good features within instructional writing and then having a go at writing your own. I have included a WAGOLL (What a good one looks like) and also success criteria for you to look at and inlude. -ENJOY

I would really like to see some of these :)



Task: Shape Activity's

Monday: Perimeter of 2D Shapes

Tuesday: Properties of 3D Shapes

Wednesday: Symmetry

Thursday: Shapes and Angles

Friday: BIG Maths Assessment (Please message if you need your log - in)



This week we are exploring:

Learning Challenge Question 2:  Why is it so important to look after bees in our country?

How do we all feel when we look at bees? Watch the clip https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/44222859

Consider, what would happen if all the bees in our country died? 

We need bees for pollination!

Go through the bees powerpoint and look at the different types of bees. Halfway through the powerpoint, watch the video http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/collections/p007rdq3

Task: Can you create a video/ diagram to show how pollination occurs?

Go through the rest of the powerpoint and REMEMBER, pollination is extremely important for the production of fruit and we need to ensure bees do not die out.

Task 2: Write down your definition of pollination in your own words. When this is finished, I would like you to create an information poster that explains why it is important to look after bees in our country. What can we do to ensure this happens?

Feeling creative? Can you build a Bee Hotel out of household items? I would love to see if you can encourage any bees into your garden by providing them with a comfy home, nutritious food, and a refreshing water supply! Click on the link below for more instructions.





Topic Resources Week 3


Use the resource www.technola.co.uk

Technola deliver the computing and music curriculum at Hazlehurst. Join team Technola for daily challenges and activities designed to keep your child learning throughout the school closer. Parents, you will need to sign up on behalf of your child. 

New Computing and Music activities will be published every weekday at 8am. Content is available for every primary school age group (years 1-6) and access is free of charge. 



This term our theme is 'Living in the Wider World'

Discuss with your family member how you feel at this current time. 

Can you offer any reccomendations on how to cope to the appropriate people?

I have added a booklet below illustrated by Alex Sxheffler.


Follow the songs and videos on the weekly starred pages.

Subscribe to Duolingo - app or website - 10 minutes a day will make an incredible difference.(Free)


Task: Start the day with a free morning PE session at 9am each morning with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) - head to his youtube channel for your child to participate.