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Growing Together

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Growing Together

29th June - 3rd June 2020

Monday 29th June 2020

Hello everyone,

I am so happy to finally say this is the week we are back together again. This week will be a little different in some ways, but we can celebrate our fantastic time in Year 3 so far.  For those of you who have not been able to join us, please know that you know far from our thoughts. 

If you are learning from home, you will find your home-learning tasks below. I have also enclosed a transition booklet for any children not attending the transition days in school. For any children not attending school transition days, I shall leave your books in reception for you to collect- please let me know if you need me to do this. 

As always, it would be lovely to see your work. Do please send me photographs of what you've been doing.

You can send any pictures to j.stone@hazlehurstschool.co.uk.


As always, your're doing a great job (parents and children). I am sad that such a wonderful year is coming to an end, but I'm sure the children are ready to blossom in Year 4 come September. 


Keep smiling,


Miss Stone :)



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Monday Task: Please practice your weekly spellings. I have included a PowerPoint and I would really like to hear how you get on with these. This week’s spellings are silent letters revision.  Please practice these ready for an adult to test you on Friday.

Tuesday Task: Conjunction Challenge

Wednesday Task: Coordinating conjunctions

Thursday Task: Comic Capers Activity

Friday Task: Spelling test: Please let me know how you get on. Can you beat last weeks score?



We are now on the 2nd week of the Lockdown Unit. The talk 4 writing unit is based lockdown creative writing. The focus for this unit is poetry, and I would really enjoy seeing some of your examples of work. 

The resource for this is just below :)

English Resources


Monday: Fractions of a set of objects

Tuesday: Fractions of a set of objects

Wednesday:  Equivalent Fractions

Thursday:  Adding Fractions

Friday: Log on to Big Maths and complete your CLIC and Learn Its test. Can you beat last weeks score?




Can you create a timeline from The Stone Age to Iron Age?

This week our focus is looking at timelines. We often use timelines to put things in order of when they happened. Have you ever used a timeline before? If so, when?

We arrange our dates from the time Jesus was born:

-  Even though we say this is the Year 2020, the world is actually billions of years old

Can you remember what the term BC and AD mean? (We have done this before, I will be impressed if you can remember).

Task: Using the resource below, place the events in chronological order. I would like you to draw your own timeline and put it in order. 



Monday: Step up challenge : How many times can you step up and down your bottom step in one minute? Can you set yourself another challenge?

Tuesday: Keep Dancing! Enjoy a family friendly dance class with Oti Mabuse. Choose your favourite film and have a dance. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuwFE3Wyin9f36ch9NM61DOn6ht_UxAh3

Wednesday: Bubble Popping Blow some bubbles in the garden and pop as many as you can as quickly as possible.

Thursday: Playing with Balloons The aim of the game is to keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible.

Friday: Free Choice Do any activity that will raise your heartbeat for 30 minutes. For example: using a hula hoop, skipping, go on a bike ride etc...



This website is a fantastic resource to use. 

There are 4 topics to cover over the next 4 weeks. 

1) Your country needs you

2)Prime Minister's questions

3)Do you want to be a hero?

4)Black lives matter!