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Growing Together

Hazlehurst Community

Primary School

Growing Together

23rd-27th March

Start the day with a free morning PE session at 9am each morning with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) - head to his youtube channel for your child to participate.



Twinkl  (Please use the free subscription details to download)

Twinkl, a website which provides teaching resources often used by teachers, are offering a free months subscription. Sign up using the code UKTWINKLHELPS



Daily Reading
Monday: Choose any book off the shelf to enjoy reading
Tuesday: Watch Shaun Tan- The Arrival https://vimeo.com/74292820 this links to the English activities

Wednesday: Why not try The Emperors New Clothes today

Thursday: Dragon Tales
Friday: Choose any book off the shelf and enjoy together

Free audible stories available on https://stories.audible.com/start-listen\

No books left on the shelf? You can always log into Oxford Owl- Please email if you need a reminder of the log in details. 


English Grammar & Writing 

Linked to Shaun Tan- The Arrival https://vimeo.com/74292820


Monday & Tuesday: Correct the spelling mistakes


Wednesday & Thursday- Homophones: Can children use and choose the correct word in each sentence

Active: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers/ks2-english-homophones-with-johnny-inel/z6fjbdm


Imagine you are the character in the book and you are travelling to a different country. Write a diary to explain how you might feel.

Remember to include: Feelings, the reason you left the country (e.g. looking for a job, more money...), senses (what can you see, feel and hear)

10 Minute workout booklet- Please remember to complete one workout each week and mark together. 




Please try to complete an activity a day when possible.










Practical activities: Encourage your child to use measuring jugs to pour water into. Experiment with converting between millilitres and litres

Use a ruler or tape measure to measure, allow children to experiment.


Active: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/supermovers/42674300

Please encourage your child to spend at least 15 minutes on either of these websites each day

Sumdog- An online activity where children complete learning challenges
The children's passwords have been sent home.


Timestables Rockstar- Challenges children to improve their times table knowledge by playing games online.

The passwords are stuck into the front of the children's reading records. At least 15 minutes will improve your child's confidence and rapid recall of times tables facts. 


10 Minute workout booklet- Please remember to complete one workout each week and mark together. 



Our topic is Living Things in their Habitats


Compare the lifecycle of a plant and an animal
Describe the process of metamorphosis
Describe the role of pollination

Is there a link between genes and inheritance? 




Subscribe to Duolingo- app or website- 10 minutes a day will make an incredible difference (free).