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Growing Together

15th-19th June


We are going to continue using the White Rose Maths schemes of work, with this weeks book being 'Princess Mirror-Belle'

You can listen to one of the stories here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAFaJfcqqt4

I recommend having a look through the slides before each maths activity, as some need household resources!




This half term is all about revisiting all of receptions previous phonics learning, as we have covered all the sounds and blending skills needed to be ready for year 1. Revisit all of the phase 2 and 3 sounds and tricky words and focus on any that you still don't know. Make these a daily focus until you become confident with them. 


Letters and sounds have a youtube channel which takes you through the phase 2 and 3 sounds, blending words and year 1 sounds. 


If you are still working on phase 3 sounds use the 'Reception Lessons' playlist and play one video per day (you could find the videos that relate to the sounds you still need to work on if you like, or work through them all in order)


If you are pretty confident with your phase 3 sounds and are beginning to blend words together, use the 'Learning to Blend Lessons' playlist, and work through these. 


If you want a challenge, you could try the 'Year 1 Lessons' playlist, and begin to learn some year 1 sounds. 




Continue 'Mouse's Adventure' this week please.


Please finish off the booklet for me this week! 



This week we have a mini-topic, and our question is 'Will it float or will it sink?' You are going to be experimenting with lots of different materials and see what floats and sinks. You will also be looking at boats, submarines and fish!  



Ask a grown-up for some different coins. Can you recognise the different coins? Can you find the numbers you know? Float a large lemon or orange in a tub of water. Can you make balance the coin on top of it without it falling in the water? Add up the coins that fell in water, how much does it add up to? 

Make a boat out of foil. How many coins can you put in your boat before it sinks? 



Today you are going to be making a 'prediction'. A prediction is like making a guess about what is going to happen before you do it. Try and find some items from around the house made from different materials, sizes and shapes. Make a prediction about whether you think they will sink or float. Then test it out! Were you right? 



Now you have experimented and found out what materials do and don't float, the Gingerbread Man needs your help! He needs you to make him a boat to help float him across the river. Use whatever you like to make him a boat, as long as it floats and is strong enough to hold him. See how strong your boat is by putting different objects in it, how many can you get in without it sinking? 


I am very sorry I didn't put on an activity for yesterday, I was busy getting our classroom ready for your return next week and time got away with me! 



Choose one or more of these science experiments to try!