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Growing Together

11th-15th May 2020

Summer Term: Week 4

Hello Year 3 and families,


I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend and celebrated VE Day as best you could (I would love some photos of what you got up to). I received some amazing work and can see that you're all trying so hard! A BIG well done from me! Remember, to just try your hardest and do what you can with the learning activities. We need to get this week's gallery full of work to celebrate, so please do email me your work to jstone@hazlehurst.co.uk 

Please do keep emailing me you illustrations for the Linking Schools Project- thank you to those who have sent me a submission! With regards to the Sedgley Park and Hazlehurst poem submissions, if you are thinking of doing an illustration, could you please email me with the line you are thinking of doing so we have no overlaps. :) I will keep updating the submissions to the home page, so everybody can see how far we have got with it! I have been showing Mrs Knowles the submissions, we are going to display them near her office !! Very exciting! 

If you still need your Big Maths Log on, please do not hesitate to email me and I can get this to you. I would like this to be done each week if possible. Practice makes perfect, so keep going, you are doing fantastic!

Thank you for all of your continued hard work, I felt very proud when I received all of the amazing work that you have been emailing to me. This has been shared below, under the Rainbow image- Celebration of work. 

Keep making life-long memories and remember I am always here, if you need me. 


Take care,


Miss Stone


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Task: Please practice your weekly spellings. I have included a powerpoint and I would really like to hear how you get on with these. This weeks spelling pattern is: Word families based on common words, showing how words are related in form and meaning. An example of these would be: instruct/ structure and construction.


Monday: Improving adjectives within a sentence

Tuesday: Using headings and subheadings within a report

Wednesday: Using homophones correctly

Thursday: Using to and too correctly

Friday: To use it's and its correctly


Please practice handwriting as much as possible. I have added some handwriting resources below and would love to see how you are getting on. Lots of people have been asking me about awarding pen licences, I wonder if any could be awarded during the time at home? What an achievement that would be! 


Task: Please complete a persuasive text and giving your opinion on:

Should people stop visiting the beach? 




Monday: Multiplication and division facts

Tuesday: Multiplication and division calculations

Wednesday: Multi- step word problems

Thursday: Multiplying by 6 

Friday: BIG Maths Assessment (Please message if you need your log - in) and 8 times tables.



This week we are exploring:

Learning Challenge Question 4: What do we mean by seed dispersal and why is it so important to plants?

Have you ever seen flowers in any unusual places?

What do you already know about plants and the way they grow? (conditions)

Look at the images of the plants growing in unusual places (resource list below).

How did plants grow in walls? 

The answer to this is a process called seed dispersal. Please have a look at the powerpoint that will explain different types of seed dispersal, jot down any key points.

Task: Using an ipad (with a grown up), go to the following website http://www2.bgfl.org/bgfl2/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/science/plants_pt2/dispersal.htm 

Research the different types of seed dispersal. Write about the different types of seed dispersal and use a supporting image to illustrate it. This can be in the form of a poster/ video/ cartoon strip/ poetry. 




Use the resource www.technola.co.uk

Technola deliver the computing and music curriculum at Hazlehurst. Join team Technola for daily challenges and activities designed to keep your child learning throughout the school closer. Parents, you will need to sign up on behalf of your child. 

New Computing and Music activities will be published every weekday at 8am. Content is available for every primary school age group (years 1-6) and access is free of charge. 


Task: Please complete an illustration for our collaborative poem we did with our buddies at Sedgley Park, as part of our Linking Schools Networking. 

I will enclose the poem below! :) Consider all the discussion we had about important issues such as trust, honesty, resilience and kindness! 


Follow the songs and videos on the weekly starred pages.

Subscribe to Duolingo - app or website - 10 minutes a day will make an incredible difference.(Free)

Please let me know how you are getting on with this.


Task: To use colours and layering to create depth in a mountain picture.

Art support



Task: We want Hazlehurst School to join Get Set, brought to you by Team GB and ParalympicsGB which supports millions of 5 to 11-year-olds and their families across the nation to keep active together. The Tokyo 2020 Games might not be happening this year but we're continuing to support schools and families during this difficult time to get active together and build healthy habits with our free, virtual Travel to Tokyo challenge. No need to create a team, Hazlehurst already has one! Simply get  logging all the fun activities that you can do with your family at home and you will get the chance to win exclusive prizes, access home learning resources, keep connected to your classmates and be part of the wider Get Set online community.

Our team name is:Rousseau

Team ID is:31625

Task 2: Also keep going with a free morning PE session at 9am each morning with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) - head to his youtube channel for your child to participate.