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What is the School Council?

The School Council consists of seven children – one from each year group except Reception who have a Year 6 representative.
Mrs Power is the adult guiding hand behind the school council. She acts as a facilitator to the children and encourages them to gather ideas and opinions from all children to share within meetings.
School Council meetings are run in a formal way with an agenda and minutes noting the contributions of the children. The minutes are posted on the School Council notice board in the school entrance.


How is our School Council elected?

After a formal process that sees willing candidates make powerful speeches about why they think they would make good school councillors and a secret ballot, the children in each year group elect their School Councillor.


When does the School Council meet?

The School Council meets with Mrs Power regularly to discuss issues that the children themselves usually raise through the School Council suggestion boxes which are situated in school.


How do we know our School Councillors?

Councillors can be spotted in and around school by the badges that they wear. A notice board in the school entrance displays photographs of all current School Councillors including minutes of the last meeting.


What do School Councillors do?

To make sure they know exactly what the children in our school think, the school councillors use suggestion boxes to gather information and work on canvassing the opinions of pupils. They have worked on their ‘vision statement’ for the school council and have also taken photographs of the outdoor area to support the development of our school grounds.