Hazlehurst Community Primary School
Geoffrey St, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancashire, BLO 9PQ
Headteacher: Mr M Golding    Tel: 01706 822002    email: hazlehurst@bury.gov.uk

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Name: Rosie Fordham x

Goodbye and thank you hazlehurst! You have looked after me for 7 years now thank you for that. I will miss you all x
Name: Mollie P
City: Rammy

It is my turn to leave Hazlehurst!! I'm so excited, nervous and sad. People say you only spend about a quarter of your life at school, but Hazlehurst is like a second home to me now! I've learnt so much. Thank You Everyone. xx
Name: Jennifer
City: ramsbottom

Totally and utterly brilliant key stage 2 Christmas show tonight, the best ever I am sure!!! Well done to all the children and staff for such a brilliant production
Name: sophie ritchings
City: ramsbottom

I love this school its so much fun! but educational
Name: Joseph Lambert
City: Manchester

Hazlehurst is a great school and I will miss it so much. I am really upset I have to go but I want you all to remember this. I will miss you all and I can't wait to visit I hope you have a great time at school good luck to everyone there
Name: Adam Penlington
City: Ramsbottom

Well done to everyone in the School Band today at Birmingham. We are the champions!!!!! Outstanding performance by all and thanks to all the teachers and everyone involved in making us great musicians.
Name: Kerrith Parkes
City: Ramsbottom

Robin Wood was absolutely fantastic! I loved every bit of it. There were so many people who pushed themselves to the absolute limit and that is all thanks to our instructors! There was no disappointments at all, everybody loved it. Even though some nights everyone was tired, we were mostly awake as soon as we got up. If you became home sick in the night, the night patrol will gladly be supportive to you. It was a fabulous experience and I'm sure everyone in Year 6 (including Mrs.Lawton and Mr.Golding) will agree :)

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