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Children’s Work
At the end of every week our Celebration Assembly is a chance to share some of the best work from each class.
We are very proud of our children’s efforts and we will share the good news with you as we go through the year!

7 July
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Reception have been learning about India this week.
The made Peacocks. The national bird of India is the Peacock.
Year 1 have been building castles and creating ‘Maths art’ using turns and repeated patterns.
In Year 2, Isabelle M. and Beth put lots of effort into their bird poems. Year 3 – Tia wrote a detailed explanation about how to use a Snowmanatron and Daisy wrote a great explanation about how a Bully-proof vest works!
In Year 4, Charlotte made a fact-file about leopards and Joshua learned to identify clauses within sentences.
In Year 5, Jessica and Annie put great effort into comparing fractions, decimals and percentages.
In Year 6, Eve and Emily have been researching facts about earthquakes for our topic, Extreme Earth.

30 June

Reception have been learning about Mexico – they designed Sombrero’s and Ponchos!
Year 1 have been designing castles. They had to think about who they wanted their castle to be for, what they want it to look like and what they want it to be made from.
In Year 2, Bella thought of questions that she would like to ask Christopher Columbus and wrote how she thought he would answer and Alec produced some lovely writing using synonyms for the work ‘fly’.
In Year 3, Katy wrote the story of Ganesh as a cartoon strip and Lucas wrote a synopsis of the story of Dragon Days, which we are performing in the summer concert.
In Year 4, Zach produced an excellent piece of work in data handling and Grace R and Charlotte designed posters to remind us how to protect the environment.
In Year 5, Sophia and Jack B put great effort into understanding the human life cycle.
In Year 6, the children have been exploring extreme weather!

23 June

Reception have been writing postcards from Spain.  Louis has been counting in Spanish and Elliott has been to the beach!
Year 1 have been to Antarctica this week in their ‘Around the world’ topic. Asa gave some great answers and drew a super picture! Year 1 have also been making the interiors of a home this week in Design and Technology. We had some great tables, chairs, lamps and beds!
In Year 2, Tilly completed some confident maths work on digital and analogue clocks.
In Year 3, Leo worked very hard with punctuation and vocabulary in his story writing and Phoebe wrote very clear explanations about the functions of roots.
In Year 4, Jessica and Grace G planned what to sell in their potion shop and Olivia worked hard when converting between units of time.
In Year 5, Robby and Jack produced brilliant, balanced arguments about the use of fidget spinners and Madeline put great effort into understanding the history of Ancient China.
Year 6 have been looking at characteristics of different animals and how this might be advantageous for them to live in their environment. Also in Year 6, Isabelle and Tess worked very hard learning to tell the time in French.

16 June

Reception have been learning about the UK this week. A group of children walked into Ramsbottom and bought ingredients to make a corned beef hash. They peeled potatoes, cut them up and made a fabulous meal! 
Year 1 created ‘Wanted’ posters for a missing dragon! They thought carefully about adjectives, conjunctions and questions.
In Year 2, Isabelle’s group worked well as a team in their science work to find out information and create their habitat to encourage insects into our potato patch.
Year 3 had a wonderful time making heathy sandwiches when Warburtons came to visit and Bonnie wrote a fantastic description using personification.
In Year 4, Grace wrote a lovely recount of her favourite holiday and Eloise wrote a great recount in the form of a postcard.
In Year 5, Luke produced a very smart card for a male role model and Reuben worked confidently to ‘round’ decimals
Year 6 have written to recounts of their trips to Robinwood. They have lots of happy memories to share!

9 June

Reception had a fabulous time at Manchester Airport and did some fabulous writing about their trip!
Year 1 have made castles to start their castle topic in history.
Year 2 are learning about explorers. Olivia created a collage to introduce us to the explorer Christopher Columbus and Arian’s wonderful collage uses lots of different materials to create the effect of a choppy sea!
In Year 3, Lola and Oliver used some wonderful vocabulary in her setting descriptions.
In Year 4, Joseph produced some super maths work and Finlay wrote a very entertaining letter!
In Year 5, Tom and Charlotte worked well, using the properties of shapes for identification.
Year 6 have had a great time at Robinwood Activity Centre this week.

26 May

Reception really enjoyed their first sports day and drew pictures of the action! 
Year 1 have been writing a diary entry for a video clip we watched called ‘Little Boat’. They also used fabric, wax and dye to create flower patterns.
In Year 2, Alec has worked very carefully on his punctuation and spelling and Beth has worked confidently in maths.
In Year 3, Allegra was amazing at working out 12 and 24 hour digital times and Oscar wrote a fantastic ‘thank you’ letter to the Egyptologist who visited our school last week. 
In Year 4, Spencer worked extremely well at using apostrophes and Eloise worked extremely hard on her maths.
In Year 5, Charlotte and Erin worked well in a pair to measure and calculate angles. 
Year 6 have been using the ‘bar model’ to help solve maths problems. Well done Freya and Kieran.

19 May

Reception have been writing subtraction sentences independently and thinking about their journey to school. 
In Year 1, Jordan and Oscar did some great fractions problem solving in maths.
In Year 2, the children evaluated the puppets that they had made in design and technology.
Year 3 had a fantastic, fun day when a real Egyptologist made a visit to the class and Annie wrote a super poem for homework.
Year 4 drew pictures based on the emotions of different crayons!
In Year 5 Jessica worked out the missing lengths of sides using her knowledge of parallel lines and Max used his knowledge of place value to complete additions and subtractions mentally.
Year 6 have done a lot of food preparation this week.  Well done to Eve – as well as having great cooking skills, she’s also fabulous at washing up!
Also in Year 6, Mia has written her own story based on Shaun Tan’s Lost Thing.

12 May

We have been writing lots of sentences this week in Reception and we have been looking at what makes a bridge strong. 
Year 1 created water-lilies in the style of Monet and enjoyed doing ‘Animal Yoga’ to celebrate Buddha Day.
Year 2 have designed and made some fantastic puppets. We are composing theme tunes for our puppets in our computing lessons.
Also in Year Isabelle M did some beautiful writing.
In Year 3, Katy and Oliver completed accurate maths work and Evie made an Egyptian amulet as part of her homework.
Year 4 have been looking at different characteristics of animals and classifying them.
Polly, Charlotte and Grace R produced a wonderful poster about Mammals.
Harry, Grace G and Joshua produced a great poster about Amphibians.
In Year 5 Erin and Corey created a superb poster to explain the process of erosion and
Reuben did fantastic work involving adding and subtracting Roman Numerals.
Well done to all of our Year 6 pupils who have worked incredibly hard during their SATs this week. We are proud of you!

5 May

Reception have been demonstrating fabulous team work in the outdoor area this week!
Year 1 have been learning how to use the prefix ‘un’ and question marks.
In Year 2, Amber K-J and Isabelle B wrote beautiful, thoughtful pieces of writing about the hopes and dreams of characters from their class story book, ‘The Journey Home’.
In Year 3, Izzy wrote a diary entry about ‘the day Bill went to school in a dress’ and the children created beautiful sunset pictures of Egypt.
Year 4 have been creating ‘Times-Table flower art’, to help them learn their multiplication facts!
In Year 5 Robby and Corey worked extremely hard to understand how stacks and stumps are formed by erosion, and Erin has been converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions.
In Year 6, Coby and Tess created wonderful monsters in D&T.


The Vikings are coming!Viking Boat
Year 4 have created some wonderful Viking Longboats as part of their history topic about the Vikings.
Which is your favourite?

28 April

Reception have been writing sentences about Peel Tower and building their own towers!
In Year 1, Maizie and Keira drew beautiful coats of arms to celebrate St. George’s day and Ruby, Charlie, Lucy and Robbie all solved subtraction word problems independently!
In Year 2, Tom and Miles have been working really hard on their mathematical mastery of fractions.
In Year 3, Tia made up some super fraction word problems.
In Year 4, Sophie and Nieve have been writing about their dreams for the future.
In Year 5, Robby has been researching what is important to Muslims and Madeline has been solving word problems involving converting between units of time
In Year 6, Isabelle, Mia James & Matthew used a pointillist technique to paint mountain landscapes.
Also in Year 6, the children read the short story, ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan and Tess has written a diary entry from the perspective of the ‘Lost Thing’.  

21 April

Reception are learning all about buildings this term and have been painting some buildings of their own.
Year 1 wrote some fantastic story openings. Evan and Oscar included lots of important features.
In Year 2 Miles concentrated beautifully to write his letter to the Natural History Museum and Darcie-Mae went the extra mile so that she could join her handwriting and present her work beautifully.
In Year 3 Phoebe wrote a description of a typical 8 year old boy and Max wrote a description of a typical 8 year old girl! How accurate do you think they were?
Year 4 have been looking at habitats around the world and why animals choose to live where they do.
Year 5 have been painting dragons eyes in preparation for St George’s Day next weekend.
Year 6 studied the story of St George and created Tagxedos to capture the key vocabulary.

31 March

Reception have been doing their ‘Star Writes’ this week.  They wrote about their class pet rabbits, Sky and Star. They also made some great Easter cards.
Year 1 and 2 went to Blackpool zoo on assembly day, so they didn’t share their work on this week’s powerpoint.
In Year 3 Max wrote a super description of chocolate using conjunctions and adjectives and Allegra, Elexa and Lola made lovely Easter cards.
In Year 4 Joshua and Harry wrote alliterative animal poems and Grace shared her super Easter card.
In Year 5 Annie worked hard to stay in character while writing a letter, and Jack N worked out the ages on different planets using the lengths of a year.
In Year 6 Coby and Sam made some brilliant Easter cards.

24 March

Reception have been conducting surveys this week. They have been asking their friends what their favourite farm animal is, recording it, and then interpreting the data!  They have also been designing their own farms to put their favourite farm animals in!
Year 1 tried to draw realistic daffodils for our Mothers’ Day cards. They also wrote non-chronological reports about animals.
Year 2 made printing blocks showing scenes from The Great Fire of London.
In Year 3, Evie wrote an excellent recount of our Science day. The children also made beautiful picture frames.
In Year 4, Joshua checked his multiplication and division work using inverse operation and Aurelia knows all about the human digestive system.
In Year 5 Robby produced an informative leaflet about the importance of rivers and Jamie wrote a fantastic diary entry for his homework.
This week Year 6 were challenged to write recounts of our science day-that were worthy of being published on the school website!

17 March

In Reception we labelled our ‘Frog Life Cycle’ and made our own ‘Mini beasts’.
Year 1 have been writing story openings this week and learning about Andy Goldsworthy in their art lessons. They created ‘land art’ shamrocks for St. Patricks Day.
Year 2 completed some fantastic maths work this week. Well done Logan!
Isabelle M. has written a thoughtful diary of herself as a squirrel in the style of ‘Diary of a Wombat’.
In Year 3 Joe worked really hard to write another exciting adventure for the characters in our story Orion and the Dark.  
Year 4 created information texts about Australian animals. Well done Noah, Eloise, Jessica and Lewis.
In Year 5, Lila created a fantastic model of the Solar System for her homework.
Year 6 have been investigating 3D shapes.

10 March

Reception have been pond dipping this week!  They drew pictures of what they found in the pond. In Maths they have been writing their own number sentences. 
Year 1 have been drawing objects from nature this week, using only a pencil.
In Year 2, Darcie-Mae and Ethan are really enjoying our work on ‘The Great Fire of London’. They wrote brilliantly detailed diary entries in role as Samuel Pepys.
In Year 3, Antonia and Katy wrote super detailed character descriptions.
In Year 4, Harry created some accurate food chains in science and Zach did some super History work.
In Year 5, Robby produced a fantastic piece of homework inspired by ‘The Martian’ and
Jack B was inspired by the work of Henri Matisse and created a beautiful piece of art
Our Year 6 are reading the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar. Freya and Emily imagined they were the lead character-Stanley Yelnats- trying to persuade his mother in a letter that the correctional camp is not as bad as the family feared!

3 March

Reception have been writing sentences about their favourite animals and painting spring daffodils.
Year 1 have made beautiful daffodil candle holders for St. David’s day. 
In Year 2, Sophia-Mae and Isabelle wrote some ‘instructions’ for the Mayor of Fairyland with some lovely detail!
In Year 3, Megan did some great maths this week and the children created ‘right angled robots’!
Year 4 are studying Dreamtime stories from Australia. They created aboriginal paintings of the Rainbow Serpent and wrote acrostic poems.
In Year 5, Luke thought carefully about the importance of rivers, and Reuben and Matthew put great effort into creating a leaflet about St. David’s Day
In Year 6, we have been learning about micro-organisms. We drew pastel images of what these tiny living things look like when viewed through powerful microscopes.

17 February

Reception have been comparing the size of their own footprints with a dinosaur’s footprint!
In Year 1, Albert and Amelia asked Tiger and Sophie some interesting questions!
Year 1 have also been making their own dips this week. They looked delicious!
In Year 2, our two Olivias have done some wonderful Maths this week.
In Year 3, Izzy extended the text from the story ‘Meerkat Mail’ and Max wrote an interesting report full of facts about Meerkats.
In Year 4, Finlay and Charlotte produced some beautiful paintings in the style of Percy Kelly and Grace wrote an excellent book review about “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes.
In Year 5, Sophia got to grips with positive and negative numbers, and Grace and Matthew took their time to recreate their own beautiful versions of ‘The Horse’ by Henri Matisse.
Our Year 6 children have produced some amazing fish art – you will love all the detail!

10 February

Reception have been writing addition sentences and Year 1 have been designing dips this week.
In Year 2 Arian put lots of detail into his story map to help him write his own version of ‘The Dragon Machine’.
In Year 3, Oscar wrote a fantastic ‘setting description’ and Christopher created some interesting multiplication word problems.
In Year 4, Polly wrote an excellent explanation about solids, liquids and gases and Liam worked hard with Roman numerals.
In Year 5, Reuben created a beautiful model of the Solar System and Jack produced some super descriptive writing.
In Year 6, Isabelle wrote about a family of dogs who developed the ability to fly and James wrote an amusing tale of flying hamsters!

3 February

Our Reception children wrote a sentence about what Chinese year they were born in and made hand print roosters to celebrate 2017 - the year of the rooster!
Year 1 have been writing ‘countdown poems’ and making a huge Chinese dragon!
In Year 2, Sam and Isabelle have been writing sentences to describe the ‘dragon machine’.
In Year 3, Megan wrote a fantastic story about Humpty Dumpty and Elexa, Allegra and Leo created Chinese New Year dragons. 
Year 4 presented an excellent assembly about robots. They all spoke clearly and sang their song very well. Also, Lewis was a whizz at rounding decimal numbers.
In Year 5, Florence produced a beautiful model of the Solar System for her homework and Joshua produced a fantastic graph, table and explanation for his homework.
Our Year 6 children have been learning how to classify organisms in science and they created their own (rather cute) versions too!

27 January

Reception were scientists this week!  We looked at frozen dinosaur eggs and made predictions. We also made our own fossils.
Year 1 have been writing letters to the Rainbow Fish to help her be a better friend.
In Year 2, Isabelle B. wrote a wonderful story and in Year 3 we learnt about how to protect our eyes from the sun, in science. Alfie and Elise made a poster to show the information by advertising protective sunglasses. Year 3 also celebrated Burns Night by learning some Scottish dancing in PE.
In Year 4, Lily wrote a superb character description of The Iron Man and Spencer and Finlay C. showed good understanding when writing fractions and their decimal equivalents.
In Year 5 Annie understood the difference between spherical and 2d flat circles; then was able to accurately describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as spherical. Also in Year 5 Jack B and Nathan were both extremely accurate when translating shapes.
Year 6 Tess created a beautiful tessellated design based on the work of Escher and Coby impressed with his delicate strokes and understanding of colour theory.

20 January

Our Reception children have been learning about dinosaurs this week. They had a visitor from Bolton Museum who showed them some dinosaur bones and they wrote letters to say Thank you for all the interesting things that they had learned. 
Year 1 wrote a wanted poster to help the prince find Cinderella. Myles took great care with his handwriting.
Also in Year 1, James solved some very tricky place value problems and even explained his answers!
In Year 2, Tom completed some great maths work.
In Year 3, Annie wrote a super character description using similes and Phoebe completed some accurate and careful problem solving.
In Year 4, Jessica worked well with equivalent fractions and Brooke enjoyed our work with the police.
In Year 5, Madeline wrote a lovely draft of an opening setting description and Jessica, Grace and Annie gained confidence when working with square numbers
In Year 6 we have tried out the traditional Chinese craft technique of paper cutting. With a craft knife, we cut out sections of a rooster shape to create features and definition. Eve and James demonstrated incredible patience and precision.

13 January

The whole school went on a theatre trip to see Cinderella at Bolton Octagon this week. Some of our classwork was inspired by this trip and some relates to World Religions Day which is next Sunday – 15th January. Enjoy!
Reception wrote invitations for a ball and made mice to help Cinderella get to there!
They also made carriages for Cinderella and magic wands to make wishes.
Year 1 have been celebrating World Religion Week. They looked at the ‘golden rules’ of some religions and thought about what ours would be. Well done Maiah-Lilly, Amelia and Ilithyia.
Also in Year 1, Oscar and Scarlett made beautiful Earth collages.
Year 2 talked about World Religion Day and wrote a recipe for PEACE; they created ‘hand print worlds’ and wrote about what would make the world a better place.
Year 3 - Jason wrote a thoughtful review of the Cinderella play and Heidi showed sources of man-made and artificial light in Science.
Year 4 created our ‘rat profiles’ like the actors at the Octagon Theatre – well done Grace and Joshua.
For World Religions Week, Year 5 took part in a Yoga lesson because Yoga originated from Buddhism.
Year 6 have written a narrative for an animation called “The Clocktower”. Well done Ella-May and Mia.

Well Done!
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