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Children’s Work
At the end of every week our Celebration Assembly is a chance to share some of the best work from each class.
We are very proud of our children’s efforts and we will share the good news with you as we go through the year!

16 March
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Reception have been learning about Spain this week!  They made castanets and holiday postcards.
Year 1 have created abstract pictures of cats, inspired by Paul Klee’s ‘Cat and Bird’.
Year 2 have created their own versions of art work inspired by Romero Britto.
In Year 3, Logan, Ethan and Isabelle used oil pastels to create Sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh.
Year 4 looked at an Aboriginal story called “The Rainbow Serpent” and created an acrostic poem from it.
They also sewed a small cushion for a present for their mums.
Well done to all the excellent weavers in Year 5, who worked hard, supported their friends and produced a masterpiece!
In Year 6, Jack N, Thomas and Nancy created wonderful art work in the Kandinsky style.

9 March

Reception have had lots of fun this week creating routes for the Bee Bots. 
Year 1 have drawn beautiful animals using only their pencils.
In Year 2, Maizie and Asa made beautiful cards for Mother’s Day and Ruby and Jamie wrote lovely creative stories.
Year 3 created new characters for David Walliams' book ‘The world’s Naughtiest children’. Also in Year 3, Olivia created a fantastic ‘advert for a friend’.
In Year 4, Annie, Katy and Jason created paintings in the style of the Aboriginal culture of Australia.
In Year 5 Owen and Brooke did some superb writing.
In Year 6, Annie’s explanation text about volcanoes contained lots of interesting facts and was set out in sections, and Nuala’s explanation included lots of the features we had discussed.

16 February

Reception have been spelling tricky words using the letter stamps and writing addition sentences.
In Year 1, Harry wrote a super story.
In Year 2, James worked hard to explain the features of a farm through writing, and Jamie and Ava wrote brilliant diary entries as if they were in the Winter Olympics.
In Year 3, Sam wrote about the day his robot went out of control and Arian designed a robot with detailed labels.
Year 4 created board games based on Anglo-Saxon life and Year 5 made drainage basin posters in their geography lessons.
In Year 6, Nathan and Joseph produced balanced arguments about who was to blame for the sinking of the Lusitania in WW1.

9 February

It has been ‘Fairy tale Week’ in Reception. The children designed gingerbread men (and ladies) and thought of an alternative way for the gingerbread man to cross the river.
Year 1 have been writing story openings this week. They text-mapped The Gruffalo’s Child and reinvented it to make it their own.
In Year 2, Ilithyia worked hard to tell the time, and Albert and Oliver H created informative posters to show the importance of Internet Safety Day.
Also in Year 2, James put adverbs into brilliant sentences; he even included brackets and direct speech.
In Year 3, Isabelle wrote a story called The Shimmering Waterfall based on the story of The Tunnel, and Bella wrote a new story called The Magic Waterfall.
In Year 4, the children listened to ‘Anthology of Fantastic Zoology’ by Mason Bates, in their music lesson, and then they designed their own fantastical creatures by using different parts of real creatures!
Year 5 have also been drawing mystical creatures. They followed a tutorial about “How to draw a Dragon” – and the results were amazing!
In Year 6 RE lessons, the children imagined having a face to face conversation with Jesus and asking him about what it means to be ‘a good neighbour’.

2 February

Reception have been making books about their superheroes!
Year 1 have been adding the suffix –est using the book ‘Things that are most in the world’. They have also designed their own healthy dips, ready to make next week!
In Year 2, Oscar produced a brilliant non-chronological report about crocodiles and Robbie produced a great piece of writing.
In Year 3, Sophia included clear detail and showed her scientific explanations in an interesting and fun way. Year 3 also designed sunglasses this week – ready for some brighter weather – we hope!
In Year 4, Elexa and Daisy thought carefully in science about which objects will melt.
Year 5 wrote superhero descriptions trying to incorporate higher level language
In Year 6, Reuben’s flashback account of the sinking of the Lusitania was excellent, containing all the detail we had planned! Lila’s flashback had good descriptions mixed with feelings of doubt throughout it, creating suspense.

Y3 Graffiti Art

26 January

Reception have been making ‘Wanted’ posters for the Evil Pea!  They have also been practising making patterns!
In Year 1, Milly wrote a great recipe for making owl ice-cream and we created Tudor homes in our art area. They look great!
In Year 2, Grace researched an animal of her choice and Isabella worked hard to solve a riddle using her times tables skills. 
In Year 3, Freddie used some excellent vocabulary to create suspense in his writing and Tilly worked very carefully in maths.
In Year 4, Elexa and Elise created menus for the Iron Man and Oliver M explained how solids, liquids and gases move differently.
In Year 5, we have been dramatizing the death of the Gorgon from the Greek Myth ‘Perseus and Medusa’.
In Year 6, Toby, Erin, Jack N & Nancy worked well to classify different animals in various ways, and Jack B wrote an excellent poem about dreams after work on Martin Luther King in PSHE.

19 January

Reception have been reading ‘Supertato’ this week and getting creative with vegetables!
Year 1 have created and described their own terrible creature, after our tip to the Gruffalo. They have also been learning all about their senses.
In Year 2, Oscar has written a brilliant setting description which is full of detail and Libby understands the relationship between multiplication and division
In Year 3, Alice and Nina created number sentences with Roman Numerals and Alec wrote a fantastic description of ‘the tunnel’.
In Year 4, Antonia and Izzy wrote good character descriptions of The Iron Man, and Lucas and Harrison showed good understanding of equivalent fractions.
Year 5 have written recounts of a visit from Hannah Johnson, who is part of a team of volunteers in Burkina Faso.
In Year 6, Jack B showed excellent reasoning skills to solve these multi-step questions and Jamie
produced a news report about the sinking of the Lusitania.

12 January

After their trip to The Gruffalo at the Lowry theatre, Reception have made some fabulous Gruffalo’s and written sentences about them!
Year 1 have written detailed descriptions of their homes in History and thought of some great goals for the New Year.
In Year 2, Jordan did some brilliant work to create ‘arrays’ for multiplication and Oliver M
wrote a brilliant detailed recount of our trip to see The Gruffalo.
In Year 3, Olivia F and Lauren produced some lovely written work linked to their class novel and Isabelle B wrote an amazing piece comparing two of the characters in the story - Rose and Jack.
In Year 4, Allegra thought carefully when solving problems and Oscar produced some beautiful handwriting.
Year 5 have been investigating the Shang Dynasty. Lily and Molly created some oracle bones!
In Year 6, Max worked really hard to solve multi-step Maths problems and Madeline wrote an excellent piece about ‘A day at the fair’ for the apprentice children of a mill in Victorian England.

15 December

Reception have written letters to Father Christmas and made some super Christmas cards!
Year 1 have finished their Guy Fawkes topic by creating booklets with all the information they know.
In Year 2, Lilly explored how paper is made from wood and Oscar calculated the total cost of items and how much change would be given.
Year 3 made some lovely calendar designs and also in Year 3 Joe made a superb Woolly Mammoth model for his homework.
In Year 4 Oscar and Izzy wrote great letters from Mother Christmas to Father Christmas!
In Year 5, Grace G wrote a powerful letter in the role of a father to his daughter and Sophie created a lovely example of an exploded square for her calendar design.
In Year 6, Corey and Luke tried hard to describe what a cotton mill would see and hear in Victorian times if it were alive!

1 December

Reception have been having a go at writing words with ‘ng’ and ‘th’ in them!
It was St. Andrew’s day yesterday and they also coloured in the Scottish flag and made tartan patterns!
In Year 2, Rory explored the properties of materials and Scarlett, Myles and Emily C created beautiful silhouettes pictures.
Year 3 have been writing the next chapter of The Secret Dinosaur and they have also created wonderful silhouette art.
In Year 4, Oliver G wrote a rhyming poem about a dinosaur who loved to swim and Phoebe wrote a poem about a dinosaur who was scared of butterflies.
In Year 5, Polly and Jessica have produced some lovely Writing.
In Year 6 Charlie and Nuala worked hard to find as many percentages as they could.

24 November

Reception have been using their ‘Letters and Sounds’ to write sentences this week. They also drew pictures to show what we had found out about ‘Light and Dark’.    
Year 1 created beautiful candle silhouettes.
In Year 2, Asa put great effort into retelling a story told by Jesus and Albert drew hands on blank clocks to show the time.
In Year 3 Keira has done some very neat and accurate maths work this week and Amber has written a superb character description using similes.
In Year 4 Allegra, Daisy and Evie created beautiful sunset silhouettes of Peel Tower and Joe used the text well to find the answers in Guided Reading .
In Year 5 Sophie and Charlotte created gorgeous bags for our Lucky Bags stall at the Christmas fair.
In Year 6 Corey’s ‘city-scape in winter’ was really carefully shaded and looks very effective and Jessica spent time lining up the windows on the buildings!

17 November

Reception have painted silhouettes and written about nocturnal animals this week.
Year 1 have been writing missing posters for ‘Cave Baby’.
In Year 2, Amelia has written a brilliant thank you letter and Emily B and Emily C put 100% into shading fractions of shapes
In Year 3, Alice and Sophia-Mae have created dinosaur fact sheets, and in Year 4 Phoebe and Oliver M wrote an information text about a ‘Spinosaurus’!
In Year 5, Jessica and Joshua did some great work on compound shapes.
In Year 6, Joseph and Madeline created silhouetted symbols to represent themselves in Art and RE.

10 November

Reception have been writing addition sentences and making poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day.
Year 1 have written bonfire poems and made ‘lever mechanisms’ this week.
In Year 2, Evan explored why we remember different events through the year and Asa worked hard to find 2d shapes in 3d shapes.
In Year 3, Poppy wrote a detailed recount of our visit to ‘Dinosaurs in the Wild’ and Tilly showed excellent understanding of fractions.
In Year 4, Maisie wrote about our dinosaur encounter and Katy and Elexa made a good start to our money container topic.
In Year 5, Eloise showed good reasoning about prime numbers and Sophie worked hard on her prime number poster.
In Year 6, Madeline gave a great recount of our trip to Tatton Park and Charlie produced an excellent page about children at work in Victorian times.

3 November

Our Reception children have done some lovely writing this week and created firework pictures.
Year 1 have created beautiful firework pictures to begin our ‘The Gunpowder Plot’ topic and created sliding mechanisms in our ‘moving pictures’ topic.
In Year 2, Oliver H produced detailed information about the different types of places where people can live and Keira worked well in a group to sort shapes.
In Year 3 Ethan wrote a detailed description about a new dinosaur. 
In Year 4, after our brilliant day out with the dinosaurs, the children created their own dinosaur nest!
In Year 5, our new book study is “The Firework Maker’s Daughter” by Philip Pullman.  Finlay W produced a gorgeous pastel picture of Lila – the lead character- surrounded by fireworks.
Also in Year 5 Polly worked incredibly hard on the first phase of our DT project – “Good Vibrations”.

20 October

In Reception, Nina really impressed us this week; she wanted to make something to help her little sister count to 10! Reception also visited a Hindu temple in Bolton and enjoyed making Rangoli patterns using coloured sand to celebrate Diwali
Year 1 have written their own versions of ‘Oi Frog!’. Lucas M worked hard with Mrs Lane to complete his story and Louis worked hard on his handwriting. Year 1 also had a fantastic time at St Andrews Church and were very well behaved. Well-done!
In Year 2 Ilithyia worked hard to solve word problems and Myles explored the key features of each country in the UK
In Year 3, Joe worked through column addition confidently and his presentation was superb. Also in Year3, Olivia and Amber showed us how to survive in the Stone Age!
Year 5 created Louise Bourgeois inspired pictures of “Maman” the spider.
In Year 6 Joshua and Charlotte wrote superb biographies of Queen Victoria.
Year 4 have just completed their intensive swimming course – well done to all our super swimmers and we look forward to seeing some more of your work next week!

13 October

Reception have been practising writing CV & CVC words in phonics!  Alexander and Nina’s were superb. They also had a visit from Inspector Jane this week to tell them all about what the police do and they had great fun making their own police cars!
In Year 1, Demi-Leigh worked hard to answer questions about daylight in different seasons.
In Year 2 Jamie impressed us with his concentration to complete the tricky missing number problems and Eloise wrote a fantastic character description of Traction Man!
In Year 3, Tom showed excellent understanding in science in his story ‘The day I woke up without my skeleton’ and Sophia-Mae wrote a wonderful story about a stone age girl time-travelling to the modern times.
Year 5 have written to their American penfriends.
In Year 6, Jamie and Lily worked collaboratively to coach one another through some missing digit problems and Sophia wrote an excellent recount about in the role of a mountain climber.

6 October

Reception did lots of autumnal art on Art Day.  They printed leaves on trees, mixed colours to make round autumn trees and then made hand-printed owls! They also had a fabulous time at Ramsbottom Fire Station!
Year 1 read a story called ‘The Dot’ on Art Day. They created beautiful watercolour dots and weaved dots. They then filled their watercolour dot with a dot poem!
In Year 2 Rory worked well independently to create his draft version of a postcard,  and Emily B and Charlie created a colour wheel and turned it into an eye!
Year 3 used the skills learned from our Art Day to create new characters and Alec worked very hard to improve his writing this week.
In Year 4, Izzy used her senses to create a vivid setting for a story and Joe was very successful when finding answers in Guided Reading.
Year 5 studied the French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. She created a series of work on spirals, so they did too!
In Year 6, Sophia, Grace, Nancy and Erin created detailed ink drawings using lines to create a landscapes.

29 September

Reception have been drawing some fabulous big pictures on the yard!
Year 1 baked gingerbread men last week. They have written instructions for how to make them.
In Year 2 Jordan wrote a brilliant diary entry in the role of Beegu and in Year 3 Nina wrote a fantastic new story opening.
Year 4 had a great time with our visiting basketball coach and Harrison was a super-speedy mathematician.
In Year 5 Aurelia worked hard in French to say where she came from.
In Year 6 Jack B and Annie wrote excellent persuasive letters about poor conditions in a tea plantation.

22 September

In Year 1, Will and Elliott described how they adapt to different seasons brilliantly, and Lucas P and Felicity drew great self-portraits.
In Year 2, Eloise and Emily C worked well together to order the events in ‘Beegu’. 
In Year 3, Darcie and Alfie showed excellent organisation in maths and Amber worked very hard on her diary entry this week.
In Year 4, Leo did some super maths and Max was quick and accurate when identifying different types of words.
Congratulations to Year 5 for a very entertaining French assembly! “Fantastique”!
In Year 6, Corey and Reuben produced excellent posters, using the editing features we had learned about in computing.

15 September

In Year 1 Megan J did some lovely handwriting and Daniel and Emily showed great understanding when finding number bonds to 10. 
In Year 2 Keira was able to locate continents and oceans on a map and Isabella put great effort into counting in fives.
In Year 3 Beth produced some great descriptive writing and Isabelle did some excellent editing to improve her work.
In Year 4 Harry worked well with his maths and Harrison wrote a silly story containing possessive apostrophes!
In Year 5 Nyesha and Joseph P created a great pieces of Peter Max style art for our New Beginnings topic.
Finally, in Year 6 Mrs Knowles was proud of the way everyone wrote and performed their class assembly this week!

8 September

Year 1 have written about their summer holidays and created rainbow fish for their reading corner.
In Year 2, Oscar put 100% concentration into producing a beautiful and accurate straight line robot using a ruler and Maizie worked hard to compare numbers.
Year 3 have been learning about the different food groups in science and Freddie produced super neat diagrams. Also in Year 3, Lauren wrote a fantastic letter about an imaginative place she had been to on a pretend holiday.
Year 4 were experimenting with different types of drawing materials. Christopher chose to use charcoal to create textures on his vase. Bonnie and Izzy worked carefully with their place value work in Maths.
In Year 5, Grace showed good atlas skills identifying countries within the USA and Edward impressed us with brilliant number system work this week.
In Year 6 the children worked together to build a bridge across a ‘canyon’ with a limited budget for supplies. Charlotte, Annie, Tom & Finn came joint first and Sophia, Toby & Luke were the other winners.

Well Done!
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