Hazlehurst Community Primary School

Growing Together

Hazlehurst Community

Primary School

Growing Together


The winning house team this week is
Willow and this half term - congratulations!


CARE card winners this week were:

Max A Y5 - for being a great librarian.


Ruby Y3 -for working well as part of a team

Jude Y3 - For letting Mrs Knowles go before him up the stairs

Leo Reception - For having beautiful manners

Phoebe Y5 - for being a great librarian



The children in the Golden Book this week for following our CARE code. This week's winners are all caring which is C in our code.



Isabelle for always smiling and celebrating all of her fabulous achievements in Reception.


Year 1
Eryn - fabulous achievement in reading.


Year 2
Jessie for being the perfect role model for a caring attitude

Year 3
Lucas - for putting effort into achieving in phonics


Year 4
Joe for achieving his swimming badge


Year 5
Oliver G - trying hard with everything

Year 6
Sophie for fab achievement this whole half term

Well done all of you! You all can wear non uniform on Monday and have tea with either Mrs Knowles or Mr Perkin on Tuesday.


Bronze, Silver and Gold Star Awards for consistent effort and high standards.


4 commendations in school assembly to achieve an award. This could be a certificate, showing some work or appearing in the Golden book.







Milly C



Isabelle M