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Growing Together

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Growing Together

9 March 2018

Reception have had lots of fun this week creating routes for the Bee Bots.  
Year 1 have drawn beautiful animals using only their pencils.
In Year 2, Maizie and Asa made beautiful cards for Mother’s Day and Ruby and Jamie wrote lovely creative stories.
Year 3 created new characters for David Walliams' book ‘The world’s Naughtiest children’. Also in Year 3, Olivia created a fantastic ‘advert for a friend’. 
In Year 4, Annie, Katy and Jason created paintings in the style of the Aboriginal culture of Australia.
In Year 5 Owen and Brooke did some superb writing.
In Year 6, Annie’s explanation text about volcanoes contained lots of interesting facts and was set out in sections, and Nuala’s explanation included lots of the features we had discussed.