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Growing Together

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Growing Together

9 February 2018

It has been ‘Fairy tale Week’ in Reception. The children designed gingerbread men (and ladies) and thought of an alternative way for the gingerbread man to cross the river.
Year 1 have been writing story openings this week. They text-mapped The Gruffalo’s Child and reinvented it to make it their own. 
In Year 2, Ilithyia worked hard to tell the time, and Albert and Oliver H created informative posters to show the importance of Internet Safety Day. 
Also in Year 2, James put adverbs into brilliant sentences; he even included brackets and direct speech. 
In Year 3, Isabelle wrote a story called The Shimmering Waterfall based on the story of The Tunnel, and Bella wrote a new story called The Magic Waterfall. 
In Year 4, the children listened to ‘Anthology of Fantastic Zoology’ by Mason Bates, in their music lesson, and then they designed their own fantastical creatures by using different parts of real creatures! 
Year 5 have also been drawing mystical creatures. They followed a tutorial about “How to draw a Dragon” – and the results were amazing!
In Year 6 RE lessons, the children imagined having a face to face conversation with Jesus and asking him about what it means to be ‘a good neighbour’.