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Growing Together

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Growing Together

8 June 2018

Reception have been making ‘grass heads’ this week and making their own spiders’ webs for our outdoor area!
Year 1 have been learning about the World Cup. They each picked a country out of a hat and had to paint the flag and research that country using the iPads. They also drew some beautiful castles!
In Year 2, Albert can explain what the Torah is and why it is special, and Rory can demonstrate clearly how to halve and double. 
In Year 3, Logan wrote a funny description of what he thinks girls are really like (!) and Arian explained in great detail the function of roots.
In Year 4, Harrison was very accurate when reading data from a table and Phoebe correctly identified all the key points of a story.
In Year 5, Finlay responded to a design brief for a beach resort and Grace imagined she was a pigeon flying over a gloomy village – wonderful work!