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Growing Together

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Growing Together

26 January 2018

Reception have been making ‘Wanted’ posters for the Evil Pea!  They have also been practising making patterns!
In Year 1, Milly wrote a great recipe for making owl ice-cream and we created Tudor homes in our art area. They look great! 
In Year 2, Grace researched an animal of her choice and Isabella worked hard to solve a riddle using her times tables skills.  
In Year 3, Freddie used some excellent vocabulary to create suspense in his writing and Tilly worked very carefully in maths.
In Year 4, Elexa and Elise created menus for the Iron Man and Oliver M explained how solids, liquids and gases move differently.
In Year 5, we have been dramatizing the death of the Gorgon from the Greek Myth ‘Perseus and Medusa’. 
In Year 6, Toby, Erin, Jack N & Nancy worked well to classify different animals in various ways, and Jack B wrote an excellent poem about dreams after work on Martin Luther King in PSHE.