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Growing Together

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Growing Together

25 May 2018

Reception have been looking at pictures and then writing sentences about what they could see.  
They have also been using shadows to draw some dinosaurs.  It was lots of fun!
Year 1 and 2 were busy visiting the farm this week, so they did not add to the slide show, but they have been working hard in lots of different ways and we are sure they will have lots of animal news when they get back!
Year 3 wrote ‘thank you’ letters to the Egyptologist who came to visit our school – Isabelle’s was excellent! They also went outside and sketched a scene from our school field.  
In Year 4, Leo solved problems by converting units of time and Elexa wrote a great book review about our class novel.
Year 5 have been investigating printing techniques and Polly wrote an excellent narrative about a spider and a fly!
In Year 6, Annie, Erin & Jack B produced a fantastic film ‘Ten great things about Hazlehurst’.