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Growing Together

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Growing Together

20 April 2018

Reception have done some fabulous writing about their holidays this week!
They have also been digging for dinosaur bones!  They have had to find the bones by gently brushing the sand, then practise their ICT skills by taking a photograph of their bones using the ipad!
Year 1’s clay model animals were fabulous and they wrote excellent fact sheets about tortoises.
In Year 3, Darcie worked independently and showed excellent understanding when investigating numbers and Alfie wrote a thoughtful story introduction for this book.
Year 4 have been learning to draw elephants. It was tricky and they have done a brilliant job! Antonia also wrote a wonderful Animal Alphabet poem.
Year 5 have made some wonderful Greek pots.
In Year 6, Charlotte and Jamie wrote great descriptive narratives about a short animated film called ‘The Clock Tower’.