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Growing Together

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Growing Together

18 May 2018

Reception have been writing facts about a dinosaurs and writing addition sentence. 
Year 1 have drawn their own imaginary garden, full of plants they would have! Demi-Leigh’s drawings are beautiful and she has labelled carefully. They have also been designing flying carpets! 
In Year 2, Emily C and Oliver H both worked hard to write a diary and then edit this independently. 
Year 3 did different challenges to find the perimeter of shapes. They have also been reviewing the text of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore – Bella’s work was lovely!
In Year 4, Elise and Oliver G answered questions as though they were dentists and Oscar created a wonderful copy of a rose period Picasso!
Year 5 have written dramatic stories based on a picture. 
Well done to all of Year 6 for giving your all in the SATs this week – trying your best is all we expect from you!