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Growing Together

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Growing Together

16 March 2018

Reception have been learning about Spain this week!  They made castanets and holiday postcards.
Year 1 have created abstract pictures of cats, inspired by Paul Klee’s ‘Cat and Bird’.
Year 2 have created their own versions of art work inspired by Romero Britto. 
In Year 3, Logan, Ethan and Isabelle used oil pastels to create Sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh.
Year 4 looked at an Aboriginal story called “The Rainbow Serpent” and created an acrostic poem from it.
They also sewed a small cushion for a present for their mums.
Well done to all the excellent weavers in Year 5, who worked hard, supported their friends and produced a masterpiece!
In Year 6, Jack N, Thomas and Nancy created wonderful art work in the Kandinsky style.