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Growing Together

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Growing Together

12 January 2018

After their trip to The Gruffalo at the Lowry theatre, Reception have made some fabulous Gruffalo’s and written sentences about them!
Year 1 have written detailed descriptions of their homes in History and thought of some great goals for the New Year. 
In Year 2, Jordan did some brilliant work to create ‘arrays’ for multiplication and Oliver M
wrote a brilliant detailed recount of our trip to see The Gruffalo. 
In Year 3, Olivia F and Lauren produced some lovely written work linked to their class novel and Isabelle B wrote an amazing piece comparing two of the characters in the story - Rose and Jack. 
In Year 4, Allegra thought carefully when solving problems and Oscar produced some beautiful handwriting.
Year 5 have been investigating the Shang Dynasty. Lily and Molly created some oracle bones!
In Year 6, Max worked really hard to solve multi-step Maths problems and Madeline wrote an excellent piece about ‘A day at the fair’ for the apprentice children of a mill in Victorian England.