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Growing Together

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Growing Together

11 May 2018

This week Reception were challenged to see if they could use coins to find different ways of making the same amount!  They also tried to make a dinosaur skeleton, and they did a great job!
Year 1 watched a video called ‘Taking Flight’. Harry A and Harry G wrote wonderful diary entries, pretending to be the main character Tony. 
In Year 2, Asa and Oliver M did some wonderful maths, and Lilly and Oliver H designed brilliant kites for different occasions and events.
Year 3 have been looking at horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines in their maths.
 In Year 4, Phoebe wrote a great letter describing her visit to a temple and Daisy accurately calculated the perimeter and area of her robot.
Something fishy was going on in Year 5 (!) and in Year 6 Madeline & Joshua made excellent revision posters.